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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fuck is Hunger Games and all the questions that I want answered immediately


    The World is about to be set on fire by "The Hunger Games" this weekend and I am asking What the fuck are the Hunger Games? I get it that theres a bunch of kids who are not fat who have to kill each other on a t.v show staring the world famous supporting Sutherland I mean I have heard that shit before. That movie Your's mine and our's  the same fucking thing. The one thing I can't understand is when I ask people " Hey do you know what this is ? Oh you do , thats great whats it really about?" and the mirrored answer I get is that "It's amazing... So good , you'd love it "  That doesn't answer the question , neither does giving me a link to buy it on Amazon.Com Aunt Karen thanks but I am not going to buy the book or read the reviews from some face less person. What I want is someone to sit down with me with a poster board with  nice drawings of different locations  in the book and cut out figures of the characters and basically act out the scenes. I want to know I am intrigued by this phenomenon . Also I am having trouble finding Jennifer Lawrence attractive. Which is insane because I was all about here when X-men came out and then I saw the movie and just hated 85% of it.

  Ok so thats not really the biggest concern that I am having. I mean Jennifer Lawrence is  very good looking. She is just above post-Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan but not even close to Emmy Rossum  or Alison Brie. I am just extremely tired of that trailers with the whole " I volunteer " crap I get it your upset because your sister won the raffle . What ever  It comes off as needy .

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      I like how that when I am googling some images about this stupid fucking thing. I am seeing that these suffering Harry Potter nerds who are like dying zombies just hoping that something can feed their need to feel like they are better then everyone because they read a children's book and took it way to seriously. Side not I spent at least 3 days after the last book was released going around work and seeing people that work for me reading it just telling them some bull shit ending like " I read the book and Hermoine turns out to be a double agent... and a guy " or "  Harry finds out Voldermort's his real dad and he gets his hand cut off." and " Why don't you get back to work , I am not fucking paying you to read. You stupid jackass! " So these sad sacks are so into whats going on they are doing this stupid three finger boy scout shit  which I guess someone does. But it looks like they are hailing Hitler. It's so fucking funny.  And Harry Potter sucks, You realize that the Hunger Games are going to get murdered by the Avengers , Batman , and Will Smith . WILL SMITH IS COMING BACK TO FUCK YOUR SHIT UP . GET JIGGY WITH IT. na na na na na na  . Making zero friends with this parragraph .

    I really hope that this post gets really popular and maybe my youthful naivety will pull at the heart strings of  someone and actually do the whole cut outs on the poster board. I think that would be awesome it would make my 2012. Fuck the end of the world or what ever that shit would be the highlight of my life. The thing is I wouldn't laugh I would  be so into it that I would entertain the idea of seeing the movie because right now I have no plan in just throwing my money in this fire pit. I would sit chin in my hands as this person teaches me "The Hunger Games" it would be like some old school pre-school shit... I have a very visual learning process. I want this for my birthday. It doesn't even need to be "The Hunger Games" I just want something pre-school explained to me .

    Yeah thats pretty much all of it sorry for the misleading title. I just want someone to tell me A. What the fuck it is, B. Why the fuck people are bugging out , C. Does anyone want to explain it to me like I am a 4 year child, and D. Just tell me what the fuck its about ! Seriously if you tell me it's awesome so good or any variation  of praise of the story without hitting any of the plot points I will punch you in the dirty hooker mouth.... ZOMBIE POST IS IN THE WORKS AND ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!

* Plug city - Yo so I got these Quaker Oats Whole Grain Squares cereal and it is straight hot fire. So good  pour some milk on them have your self a wholesome breakfast.

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