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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A google Image top 10 . I was so close to being on a roll


   So this will probably the most visual and most hair brain I have had in a long time but I have been kicking this idea around in my head for maybe a few days.

    Top 10 Athletes Photoshopped Google Images.  Do you know when you type in a certain players name there is one of those Mocked up people magazine covers that says "I'm Gay" because that how you take em' down a peg for being good at their craft.  

10. Eli Manning as Napoleon Dynamite - If you never typed in Eli Manning drunk face in to Google you might not recognize when Eli was at Ole Miss and before he won 2 Super Bowls. I think I might of put up the original but basically Boss is drunk and he is with some blonde rando at a house party. This one is pretty solid.

9. Dirk And Lebron as some sort of Lord of the Rings rip-Yeah I never had 9 hours to waste to watch any of the LOTR saga and I don't really plan on it but any time you cannot use drunk or crazy eye Dirk is always a  nice surprise.   By the Way I want to meet Dirk because I feel like he is the Hans Gruber of bros.

8. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa - The two guys who revived baseball with a prescription for "cough cough " not steroids. I just have to say when this ride was going on I was invested 100% I stayed up late when Big Mac cracked 62.  It's what baseball wanted and what it needed too ? Batman could say it better. No one was super pumped when that dickhole Mitchell ruined our childhood but we all knew.

7. Pedro V. Godzilla - This was during the 2009 World Series when Matsui went ham on the Philadildos . As you can see its pretty real when Godzilla is holding down the first base bag. I am guessing  Godzilla is resting in the costal plates before rising again to wreak havoc on  pitchers in the American league.

6. Ned Flanders as the Broncos starting Q.B - How perfect is this ? I mean the preachy God Loving Lefty Tim Tebow as dressed up as the Preachy God Loving lefty Ned Flanders. Wait flip that but  Tommy Turbo here loves God. I wish I could expand on how this is a perfect match up but I am mad at Timmy here cause he is making moves on my girl T-Swift so I am trying to hold back and not rip this guy apart.
5.  Lebron James as the Most interesting man in the world - Funny thing is he is not that interesting he is just really good at basketball and other sports. Dude is an athlete but not a champion. I wish  I came up with this idea last year because Lebron is killing it this year so it's kinda of a classless thing because when you think of Classy you think of the Phantom Ballplayer.
4. Brett Farve in Loverboy I think - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I wish he was still relevant because this is almost perfect. Captain Dick pick over here has been out of the public eye until some reporter found him on his farm which I think he grows Lima beans or squash I honestly don't know and asked about the Saints Bounty. But he has not been seen since we found out that he can read and talk at the same time thus ruining his career as the Terry Bradshaw of Espn.  I bet there was a show ready to go when he called it with him and Ed Werder   called Brett N' Ed where you watch Ed gives Brett a verbal blow job the whole episode.

3. Michael Jordan as Jeremy Lin - I saw this on Barstool a few weeks ago and balled so hard mother fuckers thought I was crazy. This was when Insanity was still strong while the racism was hidden so blatantly and everybody was doing the whole "me Chinese me play joke me put down 38 while Kobe choke"  ... Times where good
2. Danica Patrick winning - Who ever did this is quite possibly the cruelest yet funniest person in the world. This can't  real it can't be she is a terrible driver , she crashed within like 3 turns at the Daytona 500 and that is just a left . Well it was "raining"... can you believe that is the excuse they gave her, you know what happens if I spin out and hit a few cars in the rain. I lose a shit ton of money and go to jail for reckless driving oh and since I don't have health insurance I have to die. You happy Danica Patrick I have to die... I am just jealous of lil Danica because I am a good driver and no one has given me a million dollar contract to drive and I do look good in a swim suit so really I have no reason to hate on Danica except she calls her self an athlete which is a joke.
1. Josh Hamilton as Tryone Biggums - So true So true.

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