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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This just in... Nothing just saying Hello

  Sorry again I have been working like a Muggafugga over here so I haven't had time to write so I apologize to you and to my spell check because MuggaFugga isn't a word... shocking. But I want to talk to you today about.... Ummm.... ummm ... I guess Albert Pujols  and his struggles.

   Relax he is going to hit 30 home runs this year like how he did last year and the year before so shut the fuck up about how Albert is slumping. Well, that was quick good night... Oh yeah I guess its bad business  to leave after tell you to shut the fuck up. All right lets get  more into it because fuck it you've made the choice to come to this site through google images might as well get your money's worth while you look for Alison Brie photos.

    Look people A-bert is going to be just fine so clam your shit down it's just april. If I have to hear that I shouldn't get excited about the Mets better then expected start is because its April then you have to stop your asshole mouth from talking. A-bert knows what he is doing and if not he has 9 more years to fix it. But Senior October will bounce back trust me, he'll be hitting home runs and everybody who said other wise will be all like " I totally believe in A-bert" thats Tim Krykjurnenen that fuck face. Now for a different sentence.

  I hope to God that someone who is looking for an image about A-bert sees that I am calling him A-bert and it catches on and he is forever known as A-bert. That would bring me great joy. Like I could go off have a great life be well off have a great wife and family , with a sweet house with a killer backyard where I can grill have a pool and a wifflel ball field , great in laws who are really cool and don't give me shit because their grand kids are 99.9% likely to be bald and look like the Captain in Pigs in Space,  and just have the American Dream locked the fuck down but it would mean nothing if A-bert became a saying. I would have that on my grave stadium because thats how I do, it would have to say  "here rests the man you started the nickname  A-bert and did some other shit. The world thanks you for your genius. " Thats all I want. A grave Stadium and world recognition on a shitty nick name that is so awesome that it changes the world. Is that so hard?

     What else is going on? How mad do you think Brian Cashman  is right now? This whole Montero /Pineade  trade is coming up Mariners right now and until Montero  knocks in 2 more homer runs he has exceeded his totals from last year. I bet the 5 minutes after Cash made that trade he was like " What a maroon. I just took the next Felix Hernandez and all I had to give them was a 21 year old dh and Hector Nosei . Clown shoes over there  think they pulled a fast one on me. Clown shoes ! High five me Hank and Hal ( High five sounds) ." Finally the Mariners pulled on over on someone else. After two years of getting the fucking screws put to them all thanks to Cliff Lee. If you don't know the Mariners were apart of a  trade bonanza two seasons which sent Cliff out west brought Roy to America and started this downward spiral for the M's. See the M's sent a bunch of great prospects to the Phils  and  besides the lefty who went back to Philly after a year  the few prospects they got back don't look to be in the majors any time soon and there was a story last year that one of the prospects was arrested for forced sodomy. So seeing the M's finally fucking someone else over is pretty cool... unlike forced sodomy which is not cool. That's the M's GM over there... A brother

    I don't know whats happening with me lately. I mean the terrible writing is normal but songs have been sticking in my head for a lot longer then normal. Like I don't know if any of you watch South Park but a few weeks ago they ended a show with this really catchy song called " Jackin' it in San Diego " and I was singing it through out the week following and at softball practice while hitting pop ups to M.D and the Boys. But the worst is "Red Solo Cups" by Toby Keith . This song just brings out the worst in me. I heard it at work one day and I thought it was like an old song because I only heard the chorus and I was like " yeah this is pretty catchy maybe I'll find it and give it a good listen." I went on youtube that night and I have been fucking singing it non stop. Even right now I am humming it right now. I am trying to trick my mind I have Louis C.K's Hilarious on netflix and MLB network on my t.v. #Whitepeopleproblems  bro. Ugh I don't what I am gonna do , probably just deal with it I mean there are worse things in the world then having a Toby Keith song stuck in your head, you could have one of those fucking lame ass screamo  songs that suck so much. By the way I tried so hard not to say gay ass through out that last sentence... honestly it took me 5 minutes to agree with lame ass. I think I should be commended on it because that's not funny to say that ...even though it totally is and stop lying to your self .... A-Bert , I am going to trend it on the tweeter.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making Buckets like Dollars. Just like LAst year I defend someone I hate this year : Lebron James


   I have no clue if anyone has put this out there. But I know why everybody hates Lebron  James. Ever since Lebron  took his talents to south beach he has been getting so much shit  for it . But why ? Why is Lebron the only guy in the sports world being made to look like a bad guy because he went to a better system with better players , why is it that other players in other sports can leave their teams and be looked at like a genius because they will change that team but Lebron  goes to the Heat and gets to the Championship and what they lost?  Ok you do know he got beat up by Boston and Chicago its just human nature that he got tired against a defensive minded team in Dallas.

   This year Lebron has been nothing but unreal.  He has been putting up 27.1 points  with 7.9 boards and 6.3 assists a game thats MVP type numbers. This isn't the first time Lebron has set the league on fire but this is the first year he is putting up these numbers under immense   scrutiny (  Check out the vocal  bitches... college). If Rose comes back  from his ankle or groin or what ever is holding him back The Heat pretty much are going to run through the East. Fucking face it people as much as you want to think your team might be goo the Heat are way better. The Celtics are old, The Knicks are not a complete team , The Hawks are the Hawks,  Bulls are tough, The Pacers should interesting but not a true threat yet, and then there is Orlando but my back hurts so I am not going to finish this thing. So the Heat might take the East pretty easily and run in to OKC in the finals where Lebron  is waiting to show what he is about. WHo knows maybe playing a 66 game season might be the best thing for him since he has less wear and tare  on him so he could be a dominant force.

    Look I am gonna keep this short because I am gassed. But the reason why everyone hates on Lebron  is because he is better then all of us. Lebron  might be the best athlete to ever live. If Lebron entered every professional sports draft he will go top 5 in everyone even hockey and he'd be the #1 overall pick in the WNBA draft because he can dunk ( Liberian  Mann).No matter what you think of your self everyone hates the person who is obviously better then they are its science. Look I hate Phillip Seymour Hoffman because he pulls off being fat blonde and awesome and I am struggling to get noticed... Also I hate Wilma  Valderrama. I am just as famous as that guy and I don't even get anything close to the class of bitches he pulls in. Just as famous, Fez was moderately funny. But yeah Lebron  James is better then us and we just have to except it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who is the face of New York Sports? Its me so now you don't have to read


  So that last post was crazy right? Right ? No, oh well it did the trick I now have a new lease on writing since it seems all I need to get past writers block is to complain about some shit. But now my focus is clear and more focusedier... What ever. This idea came to me while I was watching the recap of the Rangers game,all the Facebook status updates and all that Rangers buzz that is going around town these days. Which brings me to my point "Who is the best franchise face in New York/New Jersey metropolitan  area". The only reason I am throwing in New Jersey is because well thats where the Giants and Jets happen to play So I can throw the Nets and Devils a bone but no the Red Bulls because Soccer is lame as shit.

  The area sports teams go as follow : Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Giants and Jets.

  Yankees: 27 Championships  a billion pennants , and  shit ton of money : Face-Derek Jeter  face in waiting : Robinson Cano 
Derek Jeter was a first round draft pick back in 1992 , made his major league  debut in 1995, has won 5 Championships in 1996,1998,1999,2000,2009 , has a bunch of All star game appearances, is the first Yankee to have over 3,000 hits and his most impressive stat is that he never fucked an ugly chick once since he broke  into the bigs (gift bags by the door). Lets face it Derek Jeter  the living embodiment of a Hall of Famer . Despite the fact I hate this guy doesn't change the fact he brought back Championship style baseball back to the Yankees after a 22 year long drought that were known as the dark days of Yankees history. Jeets has a ton of key hits in big games that would crumble lesser  players ( all thanks to Jeffery Maier  ) and is the personal hero of every major league that was born 1987-present day. With his poise and interview skills he has cemented him self on Baseball's mount rushmore  right next to Hank Aaron. Seriously Derek Jeter has had a 20 year long career and has given the same interview since coming up in 95. But like I said beside the hall numbers the dude has bagged some   legit ladies Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster , Jessica Biel and Alba, and Minka Kelly to name a few but lets be real Jeter hits his fair share of home runs but he is a singles and doubles hitter. There has got to be a slew of nameless hot chicks pumped by the Captain. Ruth,Gerigh,DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Munson, and Jackson made the Yankees respected through out baseball  but Jeter is the one that has made the Yankees respected around the world.

Mets : 2 Championships, 5 pennants , and the proud owners of a 5 different home  Uniforms 50 years in and  the Mets are trying to recapture past Glory : Face-David Wright Face in waiting : Ike Davis or maybe David Wright lets see how this year goes
   David Wright  like Derek Jeter was drafted in the first round in 2001  and made his debut in 2004 but unlike Jeter. Wright is a different type player more of a doubles and home runs type hitter . Recently David has hit a bit a slow patch in his career due to injuries ,adjusting to a new stadium and having to play in a league with all the best pitchers in it.... But  what makes David so popular is that he doesn't take the easy way out. the Mets have come on some hard times recently and David has been nothing but a beacon of positivity , Think about it in the past 6 years the Mets have gone from one out to the World Series (which they would of won) , collapsing two years in a row in the last 2 weeks of the season, making questionable signings and this whole Madoff  shit that has gone down but David Wright has stood by his teams and the teams fans even though all of that shit I just said happened. David Has done everything the Mets needed him to do even if they said to or not he has not gone around and bad mouthed the owners after Fred kinda dissed David last year, He didn't ask to be traded after having to deal with Jerry Manuel not knowing what to do with him .  In the past few year the injury bug has really messed David up limiting him to only 53 home runs since the move to Citi  which doesn't sound so bad but  in 2009 Wright was limited to 10 home runs and in 2011 14 due to extend time on the disabled list. But know with the dust from the Madoff  scandal finally settling the Mets are looking to lock up David for the long haul if he can stay healthy.

Knicks: 2 Championships , 8 conference titles , 4 division titles and Patrick Ewing's finger roll. Face : Carmelo  Anthony  face in waiting: J.R. Smiths girl friend.... All I have seen is dat ass.
   Last year it was Stats team and  when the Knicks traded 3 of the starting 5 to the Nuggets  to  get Melo  who was born in Brooklyn so they can bring him home because he moved away when he was 5. Seriously that was an ad campaign they had last year... not thrilled  why well I have a theory that you're not a real person before the age of 5. What do you bring to the table as a 3 year old ? Nothing ohh you can go to the bathroom by yourself  but you do it terribly and you can't dress your self. Step it up toddlers. But back to Melo. This year started with a lot of hype after last years loss to the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs had Knicks fans thinking that 2011-12 would be the year that the Knicks tell the Big 3's to suck their ass did not start as great with no point guard and inconsistent  coaching and a bunch of injuries even to Melo. Then came Linsainty  and all the noise that brought to the Garden   but lets be real the key to the Knicks season is in Melo. Since Mustache Mike left Melo has become a brand new guy. Dropping 30+ a game and getting the most out of everyone while Stat and Lin recover . People questioned if Melo wants to be here but I think Melo wants to have #7 in the rafters I just think he didn't want to play under D'antoni .  Melo is a little different then the last two guys I listed because he is a little bit more emotional when it comes to the press which is great because he will let it be known that he wants to win it all. Which I think the Knicks can do next year when they have a point guard and a coach that will use Melo and Stat in the right way?

  Nets :  2 ABA titles and  setting the early 2000s on fire with Jason Kidd Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin. Face : Jay-Z face in waiting: Blue Ivy
  I know I should say Deron  Williams but it looks like he hates it in New Jersey and with Dwight staying in Orlando for at least one more year the Nets will have to move heaven and earth to make D-Will stay on and help them open up the Barclay center. But Hov is the man. Everything he touches is fire, has the Have you heard that new shit with Kayne that was cray. If the Nets could mange to lure a big free agent if they lose Willam's they do have building blocks. Brooke Lopez and Kris Humphries are two talented big men who just need to stay healthy and stay a way from big assed sluts. I mean the Nets need at least two outside shooters to make who ever might be at the point for them a top passer and not known as a scoring threat.

   Rangers : 4 Stanley cups , 1 conference championship, 7 division championships, 2 presidents cup and a City captivated for no reason. Face: Henrik Lundqvist  Face in waiting : Brian Boyle
  King Henrik  he is called and he is known to be the best regular season goalie in the league and a slayer of the ladies too but  he has yet to show his worth on the big stage. With a few early play off exits the past  few years. But this year is different the Rangers are once again the #1 seed. The last time the Rangers were the top dog in hockey was back in 1994 when they won Lords Stanley's cup. I don't see why so many people love Lundqvist, he has been called the best goalie and has yet to get past the second round of the playoffs. Hell David Wright has made it to the NLCS. But then again I don't know hockey that well. I mean maybe not winning titles is actually a good thing.

Islanders:  4 Stanley Cups, 6 conference championships, 6 division championships Face ; John Tavares Face in wait : I have no idea.

   The soon to be moved Islanders have fallen a hard times after Clark Gillies retired. But like all terrible teams they have visions of the future since they get a top draft pick every year. Maybe a move away from the shit hole that is known Nassau Coliseum will be a step in the right direction. Hmm honestly I have nothing on the Islanders I don't care enough about them to even continue. Just know that John Tavares has been compared to Sydney Crosby but tougher so if you want to build around a tough guy who can score a lot of goals that is the way to go.

Devils : 3 Stanley Cups, 4 conference championships, 9 division championships and known as the least exciting team ever. Face ; Martian Broduer Face in waiting : Some other guy
  If you thought I know nothing about the Islanders or the Rangers I know even less about the Devils. But you cannot deny that a guy with almost 700 wins under his belt his greatness. He also has 119 shut outs which is pretty impressive for a team that makes me fall asleep faster then 6 nickels with a bud heavy chaser. Broduer has been in net for over 20 years and thats pretty good in a sport that is played on knives and points are given out for hitting.

 Giants :4 Super Bowl Championships, 4 NFL championships, 11 conference championships, 16 division championships and total domination of the Jets and Tom Brady. Face: Eli Manning face in waiting: Eli Manning's kid
   Run yo shit Jets,Cowboys,Eagles and Patriots fans. While you were talking about getting to a Super Bowl Eli Manning was busy improving his game and letting people know he should be respect. Eli won his second Super bowl with in 4 years since his last. But if you want to go by the numbers Eli has had over 4 seasons throwing over 4,000 yards to under sized receivers (except for Hakeem Nicks) he broke the record for most 4th quarter touch downs in a season, and oh yeah won the fucking super bowl by making another amazing throw.  Haters be damned Eli is the only Quarter back in New York history to win two Super Bowl rings and I know what you're thinking " Phil Simms did it" if you want to be technical he did but if you want to be real Jeff Hosttetler won the one against the Bills.

Jets : 1 Superbowl Championship, 4 division championships and but 23 imaginary Super Bowl championships. Face: Mark Sanchez face in waiting : Tim Tebow 
   This one is going to be a rough one because lets face it between the 2 of these guys the most successful is Mark Sanchez hands down. He was behind center for two Jets teams who won on the road against 4 pretty good Quarterbacks. Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers,and Tom Brady but losing to Peyton Manning then Ben Rosthelisburger in the 4th quarter every time because his Coach didn't let him audible on 4th and 1 on the 1 against one of the best run defenses of all time. While Tim Tebow won the hearts and minds of the masses due to a wacky throwing angle and being a media lighting rod with his beliefs. Sanchez has won and has lost in the league in his 3 years in the league but I feel he gets a bad wrap because he is the quarterback of a talk heavy team which puts so much pressure on a guy who played one full year in college , doesn't have a good running back and a weak blind side so he gets the shit end of the stick but he doesn't help his progression when he show zero signs of wanting to be a leader and zero signs of wanting to be a passer. But he is about 10 interceptions away before Jesus junior gets the nod. But lets be honest these guys success were largely based on defense.

   So who is the best face for New York Sports. With all the numbers counted and the opinions heard I have come to the conclusion that if we as New Yorkers/New Journeyers  had to elect a representative  the smart money would be on : Derek Jeter. I hate it but I respect it

1. Derek Jeter
2. Jay -Z
3. Eli Manning
4. Martian Broduer
6. Carmelo Anthony
7. David Wright
8. Henrik Lundqvist
9. Mark Sanchez/ Tim Tebow
10. John Tavares


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PIss and Venom


     OK I am back for a minute because I am bored. I took some time off and instead of  getting my mind cleared and reset so I could start the new year of baseball on fire but no I came back mad and pissed off.  Not about the Mets I am actually happy that they started off better then expected and that Andres  Torres found him self back on the disabled list. No, I am just mad about some surrounding stuff that has bugged me in my time off.

  So in normal fashion I am just gonna list it because writing a big narrative  would not be ideal for me and for you.

   First thing first I am mad at the Atlanta Braves and you think they would avoid my pissy  attitude because they got the old sweep from the Mets opening weekend but no  I am mad at the fact that they are fast to retire numbers thus making everyone else look  like a huge dick. The Braves are going to retire John Smoltz  #29 with in the next few weeks or days. Smoltz  has been retired for like 5 fucking minutes and boom he gets fancy aluminum cut outs for his number and an organizational hand job in front of 35 thousand plus rednecks. This isn't the first time the Braves retired a number the day after a guy retires. The thing is I don't care about Smoltz  or the Braves and how they are trying get people to come out to Turner field. I am mad that other teams don't share the Braves enthusiasm to run out of numbers to hand out. I have been waiting like 4 years for the Mets to retire Mike Piazza's number and having the Yankees to hang up good ol ' # 21 for Paul O'neil's number but here we are sitting with our thumbs up our ass while the Braves are ahead of the fucking curve.

   Secondly I hate how everyone in world is still on the Tim Tebow  on the Jets thing. Get the fuck over it all ready there are other things going on in sports. Like the WNBA draft was today, the Master was exciting , and I think there are going to be the Prelims for the Summer Olympic in Swimming... OK maybe going over bored on Tebow isn't a bad thing. Hold on I don't care about Tebow getting booed at a Yankees game because Yankees fans are rapid idiots who would boo their own mothers , time out it's  not the 90's anymore... Yankees fans are stupid yuppie clowns who don't know a baseball from a 99 cents store. Fuck them. Also I fucking hate how sensitive athletes are now. With this shit up in Boston, Bobby V who is a huge douche called out Kevin Douchekalis  about not playing hard the first few games and Pedrioa  got into it. SO now Bobby V apologized to Youk  because he didn't want to hurt his feelings.  Are you kidding me ? You're adults start acting like it when I played tee ball my coach told me I was never going to be good  at baseball and did I whine and complain ? No because I wasn't concerned with making the pros at the age of 5 I was more concerned how I was going to manage my time between being the 5th Ghostbuster and friend to the Ninja turtles to really take those words to heart. But now you say that this fucker isn't playing  up to his million dollar contract and when he pouts to who ever you have to put your tail between your legs and beg for forgiveness. If I was playing for the Red Sox I would lose all respect for Bobby V. , how could I take him seriously when he  tries to talk to me about how I am playing. Bobby V. will be calling games for Espn  by the All Star break. By the way I Love Tito Franconia telling the Red Sox to fuck off for their 100th year thing they have going on. LOVE IT ,TITO is a BOSS !

   In the last paragraph I mentioned the Master ( the fucking clown in the overalls won the masters... Clown) and Swimming like they should be looked at like real sports. They aren't . I don't believe golf is a sport because if a guy who is out of shape like me or name Boo is winning there is obviously something wrong with that. I think golf should be called a game not a sport I think thats a fair compromise. Now I don't have a problem with swimming its self I get the merit of it because no body wants to watch 7 people drown in a large pool at the Olympics that would be a huge downer. The problem I have with swimming is the people who like swimming. They are the fucking worst. I have dealt with some of these people trying to debate me on how swimming is better then baseball and football. If you take the Best swimmer and put them up against the best Football or baseball player and put them in an athletic  competition I am pretty sure the swimmer will get smoked in all of the land based events. Basically liking swimming is like being a fan of old school Aquaman . It's fucking point less and you are a joke. I guess I should say it I also find the Olympics both summer and winter are just huge jokes.

   I hate what ever music festival is going on right now. Frankly I am having a very weird thing with music right now as in I hate all  music that is made past 2010. I have the bands that I like and I see shows but a lot of the music on the radio is trash. What ever people are listening too right now I hate it. Name it I fucking think its ear poison. With this festival that is going on where a bunch of hipsters go hang out in a field, pay $17 dollars for a 8 ounce bottle of water and talk about how they listened to what ever band that has a full on novel as a band name before they were booked for Coachella.  I just love how all these idiots and idiot celebrities are basically just standing around like worthless hippies trying to show off how much money they have. I bet there is some people there who are dirt poor and had to save up all year, work at some shitty off brand  coffee shop which is losing money hand over fist because places like Starbucks and Dunkin  Donuts sells cheaper and more popular  coffee , has to listen to a bunch of asshole hipsters talk about how Panic at the Disco was so much cooler before they won a grammy and have to travel to the event in a busted up mini van with no a/c  since it was 88 degrees in NY I wonder what its like in the south with 10 people who are crammed into a 4 person tent just so they can  see the one band that they  really want to because this band doesn't cross the Mississippi River only to stand so far back because there are 5 levels of V.I.P's so they can't get close all because the Cast of Glee is getting some R&R time.  By the way that is the best way for those white kids to see Tupac ... as a hologram because we all know if Tupac was still alive he would not be at Cockchella  because he hates white people and Snoop is not thug anymore.

     This post had to happen I am sorry. For the past few days I have been in a shitty mood because I feel like I am de-evolving as a human ,  for intense I would like to see businesses fail because I think they are stupid, Saying at a loud disappointed tone when I hold the door open and no one says a form of thank you " Your mother failed raising you! " and yelling at people who just cross  a busy street while the do not cross sign is blaring for a good 15 seconds. I have been beaten down by the stupifiaction  of people and it made me think what is happening to me. I had a dream that I was a villain of Batman's but not like a real villain like the Joker or Mr. Freeze ( Which he was a doctor so why isn't he called Dr. Freeze , the guy went to medical school he earned a PhD in a form of medical science so maybe thats why he is so mad) but like a guy who Batman runs into and is just mad at things. Like a grumpy Cop who is not impressed by his antics and he is mad at me and when I woke up I thought my pillow looked like Batman  so I punched it in the face and said " What the hell are you doing here weirdo ?". Writing it down I see how crazy it seems. But this has honestly put me in a funk for days.

I had no real good place for this Picture. But I find it funny because this is the type of people a camp site Music festival brings. It's not about music or the people its about being seen in "weird clothes" to show how much of an "individual " this person is.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrooge McDuck is about to get two new neighbors

 Shocking news Ryan Leaf was arrested... again and then he was arrested again after that. Leaf  I guess is trying to challenge Doc Gooden for most times arrested before actually turning it around for the sweetest book / movie deal ever. I see   Anders  from Workaholics playing the embattled Qb.  But I am not here to talk about Ryan Leaf because lets face it I will have more chances during the year.  What I want to talk about is that Matt Cain and Joey Votto  just got paid today.

  The Cincinnati Reds just dropped a bundle of Cash on Joey Votto's doorstep. 10 years 225 million dollars, not bad for a "lower market team". This is just the first move in many for the Reds to lock down their stars ( Phillips, Bruce and that catcher guy that will probably hit 25 bombs this year)  but this is a Pujolsian type contract for a guy who has been playing for just around 5 years.  This is a huge step for  a guy like Votto who had some swirling trade winds brought up about him last year when the Reds stumbled out of the gate but after this past offseason where the Reds biggest threats  packed their bags and headed to new homes where they will give other teams fans free baseballs. Side note I feel really bad for the Houston Astros. Think about it Prince Fielder and Albert Plugs have murdered the Astros for years so they only get a one year break from these mashers and then they go over to the AL and face them over and over again for the rest of their contracts. Back to my point Joey Votto stands alone as the big dog in the NL central right now... that isn't on the juice (Beast mode comes in bottle form). With Votto locked up and Phillips soon to follow the Big Red Machine is coming back. It's just a matter of time.

    Like wise out on the Golden Coast , The San Fran Hipsters locked down their best pitcher. Yeah I said it I don't think the Freak is that good. He benefits from a large ball park and a weak offensive division.  Any way the Giants locked down Cain for 6 years at 127 million dollars that will keep him out there long after California breaks off the United States and Snake Plissken has to save the presidents daughter before Cuervo  Jones blows up the  worlds energy supply. Yeah thats an Escape from LA reference.  Matt Cain is now the highest paid right handed pitcher in the majors and he should be because he is probably the 2nd best right hander out there right behind Roy Halladay and now he is getting paid like he is better then Cy Young winners. This signing is so significant because how many free agent aces who are coming off so-so years are going to be all like " Matt Cain got banked and went 12-11 and I won 3 more games then him last year . So open up that  purse you cheap bastard and give me my money." Thats how feel most contract talks go anyway. Though this signing ruins M.D's fantasy plan. " Cain's about to go walk year on everyone this year... BAKKKOK !"

* A five game suspension for a starting  pitcher is complete bullshit. They are on a 5 man rotation so they will what miss the games they are not pitching? Come on if you want to really punish these guys for throwing at peoples heads and starting fights give them a 3 start suspension. Make them miss the games that they were supposed to be in not their off days. Listen Bud give me a job and I will fix your broken ass system. Ryan Braun your suspended for being a huge tool.

       So that's that . Sorry about the few days off  my dad came home from the hospital today so my brother and I spent the last few days getting the house ready and I worked pretty much everyday and had Softball practice. You know with that many ands in a sentence you could understand how crazy it's been.