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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making Buckets like Dollars. Just like LAst year I defend someone I hate this year : Lebron James


   I have no clue if anyone has put this out there. But I know why everybody hates Lebron  James. Ever since Lebron  took his talents to south beach he has been getting so much shit  for it . But why ? Why is Lebron the only guy in the sports world being made to look like a bad guy because he went to a better system with better players , why is it that other players in other sports can leave their teams and be looked at like a genius because they will change that team but Lebron  goes to the Heat and gets to the Championship and what they lost?  Ok you do know he got beat up by Boston and Chicago its just human nature that he got tired against a defensive minded team in Dallas.

   This year Lebron has been nothing but unreal.  He has been putting up 27.1 points  with 7.9 boards and 6.3 assists a game thats MVP type numbers. This isn't the first time Lebron has set the league on fire but this is the first year he is putting up these numbers under immense   scrutiny (  Check out the vocal  bitches... college). If Rose comes back  from his ankle or groin or what ever is holding him back The Heat pretty much are going to run through the East. Fucking face it people as much as you want to think your team might be goo the Heat are way better. The Celtics are old, The Knicks are not a complete team , The Hawks are the Hawks,  Bulls are tough, The Pacers should interesting but not a true threat yet, and then there is Orlando but my back hurts so I am not going to finish this thing. So the Heat might take the East pretty easily and run in to OKC in the finals where Lebron  is waiting to show what he is about. WHo knows maybe playing a 66 game season might be the best thing for him since he has less wear and tare  on him so he could be a dominant force.

    Look I am gonna keep this short because I am gassed. But the reason why everyone hates on Lebron  is because he is better then all of us. Lebron  might be the best athlete to ever live. If Lebron entered every professional sports draft he will go top 5 in everyone even hockey and he'd be the #1 overall pick in the WNBA draft because he can dunk ( Liberian  Mann).No matter what you think of your self everyone hates the person who is obviously better then they are its science. Look I hate Phillip Seymour Hoffman because he pulls off being fat blonde and awesome and I am struggling to get noticed... Also I hate Wilma  Valderrama. I am just as famous as that guy and I don't even get anything close to the class of bitches he pulls in. Just as famous, Fez was moderately funny. But yeah Lebron  James is better then us and we just have to except it.

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