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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PIss and Venom


     OK I am back for a minute because I am bored. I took some time off and instead of  getting my mind cleared and reset so I could start the new year of baseball on fire but no I came back mad and pissed off.  Not about the Mets I am actually happy that they started off better then expected and that Andres  Torres found him self back on the disabled list. No, I am just mad about some surrounding stuff that has bugged me in my time off.

  So in normal fashion I am just gonna list it because writing a big narrative  would not be ideal for me and for you.

   First thing first I am mad at the Atlanta Braves and you think they would avoid my pissy  attitude because they got the old sweep from the Mets opening weekend but no  I am mad at the fact that they are fast to retire numbers thus making everyone else look  like a huge dick. The Braves are going to retire John Smoltz  #29 with in the next few weeks or days. Smoltz  has been retired for like 5 fucking minutes and boom he gets fancy aluminum cut outs for his number and an organizational hand job in front of 35 thousand plus rednecks. This isn't the first time the Braves retired a number the day after a guy retires. The thing is I don't care about Smoltz  or the Braves and how they are trying get people to come out to Turner field. I am mad that other teams don't share the Braves enthusiasm to run out of numbers to hand out. I have been waiting like 4 years for the Mets to retire Mike Piazza's number and having the Yankees to hang up good ol ' # 21 for Paul O'neil's number but here we are sitting with our thumbs up our ass while the Braves are ahead of the fucking curve.

   Secondly I hate how everyone in world is still on the Tim Tebow  on the Jets thing. Get the fuck over it all ready there are other things going on in sports. Like the WNBA draft was today, the Master was exciting , and I think there are going to be the Prelims for the Summer Olympic in Swimming... OK maybe going over bored on Tebow isn't a bad thing. Hold on I don't care about Tebow getting booed at a Yankees game because Yankees fans are rapid idiots who would boo their own mothers , time out it's  not the 90's anymore... Yankees fans are stupid yuppie clowns who don't know a baseball from a 99 cents store. Fuck them. Also I fucking hate how sensitive athletes are now. With this shit up in Boston, Bobby V who is a huge douche called out Kevin Douchekalis  about not playing hard the first few games and Pedrioa  got into it. SO now Bobby V apologized to Youk  because he didn't want to hurt his feelings.  Are you kidding me ? You're adults start acting like it when I played tee ball my coach told me I was never going to be good  at baseball and did I whine and complain ? No because I wasn't concerned with making the pros at the age of 5 I was more concerned how I was going to manage my time between being the 5th Ghostbuster and friend to the Ninja turtles to really take those words to heart. But now you say that this fucker isn't playing  up to his million dollar contract and when he pouts to who ever you have to put your tail between your legs and beg for forgiveness. If I was playing for the Red Sox I would lose all respect for Bobby V. , how could I take him seriously when he  tries to talk to me about how I am playing. Bobby V. will be calling games for Espn  by the All Star break. By the way I Love Tito Franconia telling the Red Sox to fuck off for their 100th year thing they have going on. LOVE IT ,TITO is a BOSS !

   In the last paragraph I mentioned the Master ( the fucking clown in the overalls won the masters... Clown) and Swimming like they should be looked at like real sports. They aren't . I don't believe golf is a sport because if a guy who is out of shape like me or name Boo is winning there is obviously something wrong with that. I think golf should be called a game not a sport I think thats a fair compromise. Now I don't have a problem with swimming its self I get the merit of it because no body wants to watch 7 people drown in a large pool at the Olympics that would be a huge downer. The problem I have with swimming is the people who like swimming. They are the fucking worst. I have dealt with some of these people trying to debate me on how swimming is better then baseball and football. If you take the Best swimmer and put them up against the best Football or baseball player and put them in an athletic  competition I am pretty sure the swimmer will get smoked in all of the land based events. Basically liking swimming is like being a fan of old school Aquaman . It's fucking point less and you are a joke. I guess I should say it I also find the Olympics both summer and winter are just huge jokes.

   I hate what ever music festival is going on right now. Frankly I am having a very weird thing with music right now as in I hate all  music that is made past 2010. I have the bands that I like and I see shows but a lot of the music on the radio is trash. What ever people are listening too right now I hate it. Name it I fucking think its ear poison. With this festival that is going on where a bunch of hipsters go hang out in a field, pay $17 dollars for a 8 ounce bottle of water and talk about how they listened to what ever band that has a full on novel as a band name before they were booked for Coachella.  I just love how all these idiots and idiot celebrities are basically just standing around like worthless hippies trying to show off how much money they have. I bet there is some people there who are dirt poor and had to save up all year, work at some shitty off brand  coffee shop which is losing money hand over fist because places like Starbucks and Dunkin  Donuts sells cheaper and more popular  coffee , has to listen to a bunch of asshole hipsters talk about how Panic at the Disco was so much cooler before they won a grammy and have to travel to the event in a busted up mini van with no a/c  since it was 88 degrees in NY I wonder what its like in the south with 10 people who are crammed into a 4 person tent just so they can  see the one band that they  really want to because this band doesn't cross the Mississippi River only to stand so far back because there are 5 levels of V.I.P's so they can't get close all because the Cast of Glee is getting some R&R time.  By the way that is the best way for those white kids to see Tupac ... as a hologram because we all know if Tupac was still alive he would not be at Cockchella  because he hates white people and Snoop is not thug anymore.

     This post had to happen I am sorry. For the past few days I have been in a shitty mood because I feel like I am de-evolving as a human ,  for intense I would like to see businesses fail because I think they are stupid, Saying at a loud disappointed tone when I hold the door open and no one says a form of thank you " Your mother failed raising you! " and yelling at people who just cross  a busy street while the do not cross sign is blaring for a good 15 seconds. I have been beaten down by the stupifiaction  of people and it made me think what is happening to me. I had a dream that I was a villain of Batman's but not like a real villain like the Joker or Mr. Freeze ( Which he was a doctor so why isn't he called Dr. Freeze , the guy went to medical school he earned a PhD in a form of medical science so maybe thats why he is so mad) but like a guy who Batman runs into and is just mad at things. Like a grumpy Cop who is not impressed by his antics and he is mad at me and when I woke up I thought my pillow looked like Batman  so I punched it in the face and said " What the hell are you doing here weirdo ?". Writing it down I see how crazy it seems. But this has honestly put me in a funk for days.

I had no real good place for this Picture. But I find it funny because this is the type of people a camp site Music festival brings. It's not about music or the people its about being seen in "weird clothes" to show how much of an "individual " this person is.

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