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Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrooge McDuck is about to get two new neighbors

 Shocking news Ryan Leaf was arrested... again and then he was arrested again after that. Leaf  I guess is trying to challenge Doc Gooden for most times arrested before actually turning it around for the sweetest book / movie deal ever. I see   Anders  from Workaholics playing the embattled Qb.  But I am not here to talk about Ryan Leaf because lets face it I will have more chances during the year.  What I want to talk about is that Matt Cain and Joey Votto  just got paid today.

  The Cincinnati Reds just dropped a bundle of Cash on Joey Votto's doorstep. 10 years 225 million dollars, not bad for a "lower market team". This is just the first move in many for the Reds to lock down their stars ( Phillips, Bruce and that catcher guy that will probably hit 25 bombs this year)  but this is a Pujolsian type contract for a guy who has been playing for just around 5 years.  This is a huge step for  a guy like Votto who had some swirling trade winds brought up about him last year when the Reds stumbled out of the gate but after this past offseason where the Reds biggest threats  packed their bags and headed to new homes where they will give other teams fans free baseballs. Side note I feel really bad for the Houston Astros. Think about it Prince Fielder and Albert Plugs have murdered the Astros for years so they only get a one year break from these mashers and then they go over to the AL and face them over and over again for the rest of their contracts. Back to my point Joey Votto stands alone as the big dog in the NL central right now... that isn't on the juice (Beast mode comes in bottle form). With Votto locked up and Phillips soon to follow the Big Red Machine is coming back. It's just a matter of time.

    Like wise out on the Golden Coast , The San Fran Hipsters locked down their best pitcher. Yeah I said it I don't think the Freak is that good. He benefits from a large ball park and a weak offensive division.  Any way the Giants locked down Cain for 6 years at 127 million dollars that will keep him out there long after California breaks off the United States and Snake Plissken has to save the presidents daughter before Cuervo  Jones blows up the  worlds energy supply. Yeah thats an Escape from LA reference.  Matt Cain is now the highest paid right handed pitcher in the majors and he should be because he is probably the 2nd best right hander out there right behind Roy Halladay and now he is getting paid like he is better then Cy Young winners. This signing is so significant because how many free agent aces who are coming off so-so years are going to be all like " Matt Cain got banked and went 12-11 and I won 3 more games then him last year . So open up that  purse you cheap bastard and give me my money." Thats how feel most contract talks go anyway. Though this signing ruins M.D's fantasy plan. " Cain's about to go walk year on everyone this year... BAKKKOK !"

* A five game suspension for a starting  pitcher is complete bullshit. They are on a 5 man rotation so they will what miss the games they are not pitching? Come on if you want to really punish these guys for throwing at peoples heads and starting fights give them a 3 start suspension. Make them miss the games that they were supposed to be in not their off days. Listen Bud give me a job and I will fix your broken ass system. Ryan Braun your suspended for being a huge tool.

       So that's that . Sorry about the few days off  my dad came home from the hospital today so my brother and I spent the last few days getting the house ready and I worked pretty much everyday and had Softball practice. You know with that many ands in a sentence you could understand how crazy it's been.

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