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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am Nerdin out ! I am Nerdin out !

   I had a plan this week to just verbally  bitch slap umpires, referees and officials  and just destroy them for the shitty job they have done lately. But I can't put it together and all I can think about is the upcoming summer movie melt down. My brain is jumping up and down with this weekend jump off point.

   I have made no bones about it, I am super fucking pumped for the Avengers! I haven't gone to the movies since last July because I have been saving my self for this summer because it will be well worth it. But as we draw closer to the release of The Avengers more and more snippets of the movie are being released  but major info is still being held back. Like what the fuck is the name of Loki's army, how does Thor get back to earth or Midgard for you comic book fans ( by you I mean single person who reads) and is Scarlett Johansson or Cobie Smulders seeing anyone and if not would they be interested in a chubby guy ? Probably not but yo, I am so ready for this. I was thinking of doing the Marvel movie marathon at my local AMC theater but I thought to my self " Do I really want to sit 14 fucking hours in one plays and watch movies I all ready own and do I want to be mentally exhausted by the time Avengers start? " so instead I am going to work the early shift, watch what ever game is one , eat some food and then go into Avengers at 110% I am probably gonna swipe up my tickets around like 7. Now lets talk about the movie. So the clips that are out look sick with Black Widow whipping her hair back and forth breaking faces, Capt  and Thor putting the hurt on some nameless and apparently faceless goons who don't know what the fuck is , Nick Fury trying so hard not to say MuggFugga  and Iron Man and Thor beating each other up. Just all good things are about to go for us. It's about 3 days away now.

    There is a new Batman trailer out there and I think I now how the story is going to go. You see there is a lot a due about what is happening after the end of the Dark Knight and how it will carry over. I honestly think it's going to be close to the set where Bane broke Batman's back . But I think Bane is going to take over Gotham as kind of an anti establishment hero but there  might be a  league of shadows tie in. I don't want to go on because I don't want Christian Bale to come to my house and beat the shit out of me.  I do like how when every Marvel geek is just about ready to burst when the Avengers start there will be an at least 3 minute Batman trailer. So before it even starts Batman wins.

    I know I have said before that Will Smith is the key to the American economy but after watching the many MIB3 trailers, I know for a fact I am right. You see MIB3 looks entertaining, it looks funny but it doesn't look good.  Look I love Will Smith and all he has done for America ( Punching Aliens,  creating jobs for Miami Florida based unions,  giving Bernard Gilkey  a concussion before they were all the rage, and walking the fine line of ear to forehead ratio) but MIB3 is probably going to be bad but as Americans we will think it's just about close to perfect because we need to get out of this slump. Think about it Will Smith's last movie was in an election year and we are in an election year. It's been 4 years if Will Smith started in an Air Bud movie it would make a billion dollars. Whatever I am going to go see it , who knows it might be good. Doubt it but you never know. I am just going to say it I am Legend is the best Will Smith movie of all time.

    One more thing before I go.  Matt Kemp is going to win the MVP this year no question. I find it funny that the first year Joe Torre leaves L.A the dude fucking shows up. Donny Baseball has him self a ball player now he just needs 22 more of them so the Dodgers can shut up those hipster douche bag Giants.... This just in Will Smith is going to play Matt Kemp in the Matt Kemp Biopic called : Normal levels of Beast mode .


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