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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Johan Santana tells The Cards and history to suck it

 Well, it happened after 50 years 8,020 games and 5,000 games of having heart breaking moments the Mets have their moment in the sun. Johan Santana who most people thought would not be pitching yet this season went out threw his second consecutive complete game shut out but this time it was a NO-NO. The first one in New York Mets history, out of all the great pitchers that put on the blue and orange only Santana was able to close the door and after 134 pitches he shut it so nicely.... Ok so that was my clam cool and collected intro here is the real deal. JOHAN FUCKING SANTANA  IS THE BEST PITCHER THE METS HAVE EVER HAD!!!  He is a true ace, when the Mets need a win and it's his turn on the dial he gives everything he has for his teammates. The absolute grit and determination this man has in his body has changed the young Mets into a team on the rise.

   Seriously if you haven't seen a Mets game this year you might have a fucking problem. With nothing the Mets are making a run at it and they have nothing to lose. Think about it people the Mets are playing with house money. Picked to finish close to dead last the Mets are 30-23 right now and a game or less out of first place. The starters have been electric R.A Dickey who went 9 striking out 9 today has 8 wins and should be on the All-Star team along with Santana, and Wright. Terry Collins has this team heading to the right place and that is covered in dirt and blood. This team fights every games, even when they lose they don't give away at bats. It's a new day in flushing.

   Well, Thats it really. I mean it was a great game and its great that the Mets are now going to be looked at in a better light. I am super excited on how the Mets are playing now and if they happen to miss the playoffs this year I don't want to hear all you Derek Jeter loving looking at the world through pin stripped glass  say shit because you team is crumbling at its core and we are just getting better. They should lock up Wright after this year and Ike will figure his shit out because I think Keith is just fed up with him so he is going to show him how its done.... Also this goes out to all the Mets fans = I know we have been waiting 50 years for a No hitter but they don't grow on trees here we might have to wait a few more days. So lets chill.



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