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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I boo you K.C ! I boo you


   Something tells me that Robinson Cano  couldn't care less that the least relevant baseball city in the past 15 years booed him for 10 homer less swings since he will probably be within 3 games of the World Series. I know that the fans didn't effect Cano  because he is a true pro but it effected his dad. I know he used to play for Huston but this is different he is out their with his kid and people are just disrespecting his kid which isn't fair. These fucking clowns are upset because Robby didn't pick Billy "Double Cheese" Butler for the home run derby. Guess what K.C I love your hats but dude you are so stupid Butler is not a home run type of guy so having him change his swing to hit bombs all day would fuck his shit up for the rest of the season and the royals have a shot at 1s..(HA!)... Sorry I meant 4th place.

   But congrats on being a terrible host. Last year Zona  gave Prince the bidness  when he didn't select Justin Upton  but they stopped after he hit a bomb that made Charles Barkley say " Damn"( Barkley played for the Suns for a while so he is the most famous Zoneiean).  I don't like booing anyone frankly I think it's classless. I feel if you want to show your displeasure with a player you make up a catchy chant that will resinate with them for the rest of their life like " Looper Sucks," "Larry," " Your Mustache is offensive to the old and young alike" and "Who are you fooling Omar Vizquel  you are obviously 150 years old" but I wont boo anyone. I actually got so mad at Mets fans who booed Jason Bay when he ran his head into the wall at Citi  field. How fucking dare you the guy went all out to make a play and then after running full speed and diving into a wall he got up and threw a semi accurate strike to just miss Jay Bruce at the plate. Ok maybe I am being a bit too over dramatic but unless they have committed a crime or done something unforgivable I don't see the point in booing them. Like you can boo Ryan Braun, A-Rod, Manny, and any other steroid user or  C.J. Wilson for being a straight edge douche hole but don't boo Robby Cano  for picking a winning team because he picked fucking sluggers. Trumbo , Joey Bats, and Prince "Vegan" Fielder yes Prince Field only eat veggies which is out of this world insane. Even Billy "Double Cheese" Butler didn't want to be in the derby you can ask him if he isn't busy eating George Brett's ass.... Quickly name 3 other really good Royals not named Brett.

   Fuck you K.C for making me support a Yankee... Boo to you

P.S - I kinda look like Billy Butler

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