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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What the fuck just happened

    I am stuck here I don't know what to write about. See I could write about that shit that has busted open the dark under belly of Joe Pa and the rest of the clowns down in Happy Valley , I could write about how no one cared about the All star game after that classy display by the K.C fans at the home run derby, I can continue to talk about how fucking lame as shit the Olympics are and they know it because American cutie Hope Solo got tagged on some banned substance deal and they just gave her a good ol'' slap on the  wrist( I wanted to put that scene from Arrested Development  where Barry spanks Maggie Lizer  in court but no ) , This Jeremy LIn bullshit and Talk about how Bobby V might be the best manager for the Red Sox franchise but not Red Sox Nation.

   So since I knew that  Joe Pa was only looking out for himself even trying to dive into this mess would just make the limited readers that I have just mad at me and I only want Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton fans to be mad at me. So Fuck Penn St! I don't want the program to get the death penalty because who does that really hurt, only the players and thats not fair to them. What I want is a 3 part Law and order SVU where Stabler comes back and realizes he was diddled by his old football coach and have him break down and everyone say " Ohhh  so thats why your bat shit crazy. That makes a lot of sense" and as the lady judge says the  verdict he is left sitting in the court room with his hand to his mouth and he says " It's never over " dun dun... and maybe take away a bunch of money and give it to victims of these crimes.

    Because of what happened in K.C the amount of pressure that is going to be put on the Mets and all New York fans is minimal. The fact that every one kind of expects New York Fans to boo the shit out of everyone so when we don't boo anyone except Boston and Philly players the world will be shocked. Oh and I plan on being there through out all of the All Star festivities.

   I can't blame Hope Solo. She took something her Dr told her to take and really I don't think it was at all performance enhancing it might have been aspirin. So instead of passing judgement I am just going to put up a photo of her looking like this. And I have pasted my 3 sentence limit on Soccer.

  Fuck Jeremy Lin. Linsanity  was a joke to begin with and now the Huston  Rockets will suck even worse. The Rockets are trying to be big players in the off season but they are just going to handicap them selves later. Besides Lin they are going after Dwight Howard who refuses to sign an extension  to anyone who's owners last name isn't Z  so they will trade off half their team and most of their 1st rounders that Isaiah gave them for T-Mac. But I feel the Knicks are doing the right thing letting Lin take his talents else where because he only played 30 games and he is not worth 30 million dollars. He turns the ball over way to much , and he works well in the shoot shoot shoot pass system that Mustache Mike had in NYC but since Mustache will probably go out to L.A so that Nash and Kobe can blaze up the West . But that's not my point Fuck Jeremy Lin and his wannabe Tim Tebow  act. I am happy with Jason Drinking like a Kidd and Raymond Felton for at least 2 years and then the Knicks Lock up Chris Paul.  Game over nerds. So the Rockets can have him I feel there hasn't been a great  Asian flavor down in Texas since the Rail Roads were built. Was that Racist , well get used to it because thats what Huston's all about  Racism and Bbq   What I don't get is why in a sport that has a salary caps and luxury taxes why don't they use moneyball ?

      Bobby V. is doing exactly what the Red Sox organization wants this year. He is clearing house and making the old stalwarts like Papi , Youk  and soon the Laser Show get so mad that they burn the bridge to Boston. I mean look at what is going on now. Youk  has been off the Red Sox for about 2 weeks hasn't said a damn thing about his time their expect a thank you to the fans who showed that bald dude some love and out of fucking no where Bobby V. opens his fucking mouth and says Youk  has been dogging it all season because of what he said back in april all because the White Sox are coming to Boston this up coming week and he wants the fans to boo Youk  which wont happen at all. I mean the cheered Damon when he came back as a Yankee so Youk as a White Sox he'll get a hero's welcome. This is all because the Red Sox brass wants to distance them self from the past. So the contract dispute with Papi is 2 months a head of schedule and when Dustin is in his rehab stint there will probably some shit coming out about Dustin punching a bat boy because he said he couldn't hit the high inside fastball or something like that. But Bobby V. is basically the face of the Red Sox Smear campaign. So next year when Benny Agbyanini is the full time Dh and Big Papi  is in Texas and Pedoria is playing second base for the Rays maybe the Red Sox nation will see that the Red Sox organization is its own rival now.

                        BAM more Hope Solo

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