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Friday, August 31, 2012

Some how this happened. Well it was just a matter of time after I called Jason Bay the Lindsay Lohan of Basball

  Hello friends , welcome back it's been too long. How have you been ? You look terrible you have bags under your blood shot eyes , you have bitten your nails down to a fleshy scab and your still a Jets fan. Well, I guess I can say good for you way to stick with it. I know how you feel since I am a Mets fan and besides sharing 3 of 4 letters we share the same amount of misery , but luckily I am a Giants fan so my heroic crash into insanity  has been delayed thanks to that Super Bowl run last year. You guys know the Super Bowl ? You know it's that thing you fat mouth coach keeps saying you're going to win every year and you comically fail at? You know when back in 2009 the tried to compare the Jets to the 07 Giants because they got the wild card and played on the road until Peyton Manning ripped up that defense pretty easily after halftime in the AFC Championship game. Then in the next year they go on a revenge tour by breaking Manning's neck and then bitch slapping Tom Brady in his own house only to be taken advantage of in Pittsburg but not by Big Ben but by their offensive coordinator Shotty   or as he is more adoringly know to by Jets fans as Shitty ( wait actually I don't think Jets fans are that clever I mean it did take them over 50 years to come up with J-E-T-S so this might of slipped through the cracks). Look I am not going to repeat anything more about the Jets because they totally shit the bed last year by going 8-8 and imploding all over the place and then unleashing this mess I want to defend Jets fans.

    Yes, thats right I am tired of saying  that the Giants are better then the Jets  even though they are and I am tired of saying that Giants fans are way smarter,cooler, and more attractive then Jets fans because I am super handsome and have been called the voice of the people multiple times. I am here to put my foot down for the down trodden Jets fan because it's not fair that they have to take this crap that Woody Johnson is stuffing in their face. So here we go.

   First thing first with an owner named Woody Johnson (who also owns Johnson & Johnson)you have to expect he is a huge dick. Listen Woodrow or Woodson  stop acting like a child. Just because your neighbor is better at football moves then you doesn't mean you have to run off and try to get the biggest media lighting rod for that year. Because of you , your team has taken 5 steps backwards. People thought Sanchez might have been slacking off last year because he had no pressure  of producing because his back up was Mark "O.G.  Jaguar " Burnell   who hasn't played a real game of football since 1856 so really I get it. But what do you do to test your golden boy ? You get possibly the oddest choice to challenge Sanchez . Tim Tebow   and his best friend Jesus. Which I guess would make Sanchez work a little harder except once you see Tebow   drop back to pass you know right away that there is zero chance he is going to take Sanchez spot , No matter what  the God Squad wants Tebow   will never lead the Jets to more then 3 wins? Where the no quarterbacks out there that he could have brought in at a one year deal to give Sanchez the sweats during training camp ? Woody has such a thin skin that he does what ever the New York media says he should do.  Look at the last few years. Farve  , Plax  and Tebow  ? The only move I really see as a solid football move is Plax because a 6'5 receiver who can jump over any corner back is a young quarterbacks best friend. But Woody doesn't have Mark's back... These are the days I wish the Jets drafted Andy Dalton. Mother Fucking Toy Story jokes through the ass.

    But the Jets problems are not All Sanchez's fault frankly if the real problem trusted Sanchez the Jets could have played the Packers in the Super Bowl. Yeah boom there it is. Rex Ryan is one of the major problems. You see Rex is a one dimensional coach, he only cares about his defense and  is to overly reliant on his O-coordinator to control the other side of the ball.  I honestly think he likes having a terrible offense  so that his defense looks so good by comparison. Like a semi hot girl with two fat friends. If Rex knew how to be a real head coach there would be no way in hell Wayne Hunter would have played after his first 50 sacks given up. But for some reason he left him in because he was Shotty's  dude and Sanchez got destroyed by low level defensive tackles and absolutely demolished by elite level guys. Not only is Rex really bad at looking at two pages he is really bad at being a disciplinarian. Just because he shouts, curses and licks toes doesn't make him that task master that will gain the respect of his players. He holds no one accountable for their actions and yes I get it is good for morale to have your players mix it up once and awhile maybe call Tom Brady a girl or maybe let the world know that Ray Lewis's favorite Disney princess is Ariel  what ever gets the team going is cool but thats like a last ditch effort after your thursday practice was a colossal failure. And when you don't hold your players accountable for their shitty attitude or whatever they do and but up a stink they will carry those bad habits into the game.

     Finally the last thing the Jets need to become a successful team is their own stadium. I am not just saying this because I am a Giants fan and I hate the idea of buying personal seating licenses for $5,000 a piece plus tickets and parking while some other clown owns the same seat that I do.  I mean they need a place where they belong where its without a question theirs. This is not fair to the Jets organization and to their fans. It cannot be the greatest feeling walking out of the locker room and seeing only one Jets Super Bowl Banner and 4 Super Bowl banners for the Giants. They need a place with their personality can be put on display. Look at Yankees Stadium compared to Citi  field or those other places that have more then two teams. Each stadium relates to the team in some way . Yankee stadium is just a museum with a baseball field inside of it while Citi  field is trying really hard to make you forget the Mets are playing. Be that as it may I feel the Jets have this us against the world attitude and they need a place where they can express it. They need a place where the stands are closer to the field so that the Jets Fans can make the opposing team feel like they are all alone in enemy territory. I haven't been but I have heard that Metlife  stadium is too big so it takes a lot for fans to get into players heads. They almost had the West side stadium which would have been huge but somethings didn't work out in their favor.

   The Jets fans deserve better then what they have gotten in the past few decades. It's not right and really it's not fair. I don't understand why this team cannot put it together. In a league of copy cats the Jets are always the ones who are the last to pick up the current trend. The Jets can't say they don't have money to get the best player available because they have thrown money at players before so really it has to be the guys who pull the strings. Woody and Mr.T are not football guys and it shows with this past offseason. They want to be a ground and pound team but who are their running backs Shone Greene and Joe McKnight. If you want to ground and pound successfully you need at least 3 backs one to move the chains, one to go side to side and one to fight for that final yard. They could have given Peyton Hillis  a call ,still make the move for Tebow .
    They need to surround Mark and Rex with weapons not with what they have. Lets look at the last few Super Bowl champs in the Rex Ryan era. Giants: a 3 headed running attack along with a big front on the D-line, a strong offensive line that played a bunch of games with each other in a row and Plax, Saints: Who here who plays fantasy football hasn't cursed out Drew Brees because you picked up his #1 guy from the week before all to find out that he has moved on to like 80 different targets and a strong offensive line, Packers : Not the greatest running backs or the most intimidating wide out (size wise) in the game but they have a mobile Qb  who can make anything happen, a strong offensive line and guys who would play in Green Bay in January with a smile on their face, Giants again : Finally trusting their Qb in the passing game and letting him control the offense, pretty shitty offensive line( did you see that San Fran game Eli's jersey was brown by the 13 minute mark of the first quarter) and of course defense. So What have the Jets taken from these past champs?  They have a strong defense and they had Plax for like a minute.
  Haven't the Jets fans suffered enough ? The brass needs to fill the roster with players who want to do more then just win. They need to build up the line so that Sanchez can become that franchise guy they hoped for, so the ground and pound can go more then 5 feet and they need to invest in their fans. Jets fans are a strange brew to say the least but they are more intense and more intimidating then Laron  Landry's image search . You show the Jets fans something better then Tim Tebow  and 5th round picks.

   The Jets are a good team. Frankly they could be better then the Pats if they knew what they had and knew how to get the most out of it. They said this year they want to be a ground and pound team where they run maybe about 70% of the time and barely let Mark throw the ball and work in the Wild Cat which stopped being effective in 2009. Let the kid play his game Mark threw just as many touchdowns as some elite level Qbs   last year but gets a bad rap because how the season ended. I hope that since they traded Hunter for a former 2nd round pick , maybe they will scoop up a wide out who can help on the edges so that it can ease up the coverage on Holmes and Keller and maybe Rex will get the hint that he has to have control of his team. Everyone wants to compare Mark to Eli because this was the year that Eli won his first super bowl and that is such a terrible idea, everyone media,coaches,and fans have to let Mark be Mark. So if that means throwing 8 yard curl routes and being one of the better play action quarterbacks  let him do it.

    Lets Go Giants.

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