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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look out its baseball talk ... I'm just as sad as you guys are


   Since this is week 11 now in the NFL and I have written like 0 posts about it because it with all the craziness going on with the Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, Saints,Seahawks and the Colts. I mean  it's all positive about the Colts in fact I think I am going to throw them a very positive paragraph in like 5 minutes, but there are a lot of stories that have eclipsed the real story of the season which is the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to trade the first overall pick to the Jets for Tim Tebow and Kyle Wilson.  But before I get side tracked on some long rambling about how other teams suck. I want to talk about some Free Agent baseball.

   Ok so before I get into it lets talk Colts football. If you didn't hear this past weekend 2 Colts Cheerleaders shaved their domes in effort to raise some more money for CHUCKSTRONG which is a charity for the Colts recently hired head coach Chuck Pagano. Earlier this year we all found out that he had been diagnosed with leukemia. Since the Colts are a stand up organistation besides what I said about how the owner handled the whole Peyton Manning thing but it worked out well for both parties.With the Colts changing its whole personality and philosophy  expecting to have a long road to get back to a contender and the Colts felt Pagano  was the right man to do it.  Since leukemia is a huge dick Chuck had to take a leave so that he can receive treatment taking him away from the team for season.  With such a young team and veteran on shaky ground you'd expect  the Colts would pack it in and maybe get 2 or three wins. But the Colts organization and fans banded together around Chuck and have become the best part of this NFL season. It shows you that people are surprising with all the support, money and just goodness that has come out of this it is truly amazing to see. So if you are tired of being beaten down by the  trash that is the whole Jerry Jones normal meddling ways, getting Andy Reid fired, Tim Tebow  and Mark Sanchez bullshit with how much they "love" each other yet can't turn it into wins, the whole bounty scandal that still finds its way into the airwaves and Phil Simms opening his dumb mouth check out the Colts for a while and have your batteries recharged because thats what football should be. Highlight the greatness in a team playing together not the aggravation in a team falling apart. CHUCKSTRONG .

  Ok Lets get into so Free Agents.

  So this off season has all ready started off with a splash and has just started to slow down. Do you realize its been like 2 weeks since that bullshit deal the Marlins pulled off by sending 90% of their starters to the Blue Jays which side-note Super pumped about the Blue Jays now. I have been saying the Blue Jays are one or two moves away from being in it and they just made 6 moves in 1 without losing anything. Their rotation is now stacked JJ, Ricky Ro, Burhele , and 2 other guys , the offense is bonkers now : Jose Reyes, Melky  Cabrera , Joey Batts, Edwin Encarnicion , Brett Lawrie , Colby Rasmus, J.P. Arencabia , John Buck, and Emilio  Bonifcao  all wearing the Blue. Look out Yankees, Red Sox, O's and Rays. The AL east is still the Class of the MLB.  Anyway let me pick out a few team changing free agents that are out there right now. I mean I could just list everyone and get into minor league deals but I just don't care.

Lets go

1) Josh Hamilton -  The Texas slugger and my all time player... Fuck him. He is going to go out and check out places like the Red Sox, Brewers, Mariners and Phillies   but lets be real he isn't going to leave Texas. It would be a career killing move for him to go to a place like Boston. If he has such a problem with Nolan Ryan telling him like it is just imagine thousands of Red Sox's fans in that tiny ass stadium when he plays like shit in the day time and goes 0-15 against the Yankees. I do like him in the Brewers line up being the number 2 douche right behind Ryan Braun and having a guy with a drinking problem sign with a team named the Brewers, play in a place called Miller park, and be in ground zero for beer battered food would be pretty funny. the Mariners are an interesting choice and I bet you that his teammate Adrian Beltre  and he told Josh " hey buddy you want to make a ton of money , not do anything and not get bad press ? Go to Seattle " because there is no real reason for a guy like Hamilton to go to a team like the Mariners. Let me explain, The Mariners aka the Ichiro Juniors  have been making moves and have pretty much sealed it up that they are at least 5 years away from making a serious run at it and signing up a guy like Hamilton who is over 30 and has only played in real small ball parks for most of his career. Going up to the North west would be a terrible move, he is a contending player  who has been so close to the ring for the past 3 years taking a huge step backwards doesn't make sense. And Fuck the Phillies  just take the Boston reason and put cheese wiz on it with onions.

2) B.J. Upton - Boss man Junior is not going back to the Rays. That is set in stone, probably. They spent the last 3 years trying to trade this guy and now have a way to get rid of him with out getting some rental for 3 months and now they will get 2 draft picks. No, B.J will probably go to an N.L team. reports are saying he will make a choice this week. I would like to see him sign with Arizona and play with his brother but the DBacks have been shopping Justin around to anyone who will take him because he will cost a bunch money when he hits the market next year. ATL and Philly have been making power moves to bring him in and I think for him to succeed he should go to ATL. Philly is on the verge of imploding with their team that aged 10 years after 2009 . With No Chipper and McCann a question to start the season due to injury the Braves need some pop and speed in the top of that lineup to hold them over until their crazy eyed catcher comes back.  With Bossman and the J-hay kid there it could be  really cool Center and Right Field combo. Plus twitter explode in hashtags.

3) Nick Swisher - The Bro of the MLB. For some dumb reasons a lot of Yankees fans have given Swish the old heave hoe because he said that playing in the playoff in NY is playing in front of a tough crowd. That and batting under .200 during the post season I guess means he gets a one way ticket to go fuck your self road. I feel the Swish was the best move the Yankees made in 2009 , if you look at his stats he puts up plus 25 home runs, around 80 rbis , and walks like a mugga  fugga  he would make any money ball team to the next level. Swish is a west coast guy and with his ability to play first base, the corners of the outfield and pitch makes him a solid target for a team like Texas if Hamilton walks away, Seattle, Giants and the Dodgers. Swish adds a lot to any team he goes to but some teams in the East might throw some cash his way. Boston is a player and the Phillies  because both teams have money and made roster clearing moves last year. I think Swish will go out west , his hot wife is expecting a baby and he would feel more comfortable out there. I think San Fran or the Dodgers make the most sense. Instant fan favorite and instantly hated by the other team.

4. Zack  Grineke  - Hmm where would Grineke  go? Should he go to a high pressure team where every little thing he does is under a microscope , will he go to a team loaded with talent, or will he go hide away ? The Dodgers need another pitcher like Magic Johnson needs another talk show. I was thinking of doing an Aids joke but thats not my style and have you ever seen the Magic Hour ? Its fire.  The Dodgers will give him a lot of cash but I think a team like the Cardinals would be a nice fit for the kid. He'll have two other Cy Young winners in the rotation  with him ,a pretty veteran offense and the mind set of never quit during the playoffs.

5. Mike Nappoli  - Teams like the Yankees, Boston and Texas have made some noise on the catcher that Mike Soccia  didn't like. He is a power bat and there is no way he will switch leagues so he wont go to an NL team. He can play catcher some first and Dh so the Yankees might be the best fit for him. I think Boston will lose interest in him because they have a bunch of prospects and just might ride with it... This would of have been the season to bring in Bobby V.  Figure the Yankees will make the most attractive place for him but a team like the Rays could use a power bat like Napp  and since he is from Fla  and you don't have to pay income tax in Fla  they could become a dark horse team for him.

6.  Michael Bourn - The Speedster is going to stay in the NL east but with who. He could resign with ATL , go back to Philly or lock it down in DC each line up instantly gets better. The Braves will basically stay   the same . Bourn will tip the scales left in Philly, if he signs there the line up will be : Bourn lefty, Rollins switch , Utley  lefty, Howard lefty, Mayberry righty, Brown Lefty, and Chooch  righty a solid lefty reliever smartly used at the end of the game could hand cuff that line up. But If he goes to the Nats  that just becomes such a deeper line up. They'll move Harper down in the line up and move Morse to first base. Also having a true center fielder it will give the Nats  a stable presence  in every spot in the outfield.  I think the Nats  could be the best fit for him. Also I would like to see the Nats sign a guy like Youkilis to add a veteran bat to the line up who can give Zimmerman a day at 3rd as well as work in with who ever is playing first. Youk can teach Harper how to walk more.  

 Yeah so thats it. I kinda played it safe no real shocking moves will be made this season. I think a guy like Jason Bay will pay someone to take him on even though he will drop 40 home runs 200 rbis and hit .500 all year.  Hopefully with Christmas coming up a lot of players will sign up so they can get some cash for the presents. I guess sooner or later I have to start making my picks for the NFL playoffs. Lets just say the Giants are going to do some damage.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doing Work like a boss .... 4 months after I came up with the idea

   I should of done this a long time ago but I wanted to wait until everyone saw these movies , but I waited too long, then I forgot about it , then I forgot I wrote a blog , then most of these movies came out on dvd, and then I remembered I wrote this stupid thing so the idea came back to me like a rush of cold air when you leave you're fly open when you try to look cool. 

     During the summer I pretty much made it a point to go see all the big movies that came out this year. I might of missed a few but  I went to see a good chunk of them.  So I guess if you are going to see these movies you're probably going to buy them on DVD or rent them from Netflix. So here we go 

            SUMMER MOVIE REVIEWS..... In November . 

1. The Hunger Games - OK My brother saw this movie in the theaters and he convinced me to read all three of the books during my down time (at work). Quick review of the books , I might of liked them if I was a 12 year old girl. But I felt it was not as good as it was hyped up to be. So a few weeks ago my brother bought the dvd and I watched it. Needless to say I hated it. As a movie it is lame as shit. There is very little character development and its paced so fast that when they finally started killing each other you don't really give two shits on who bites it. Besides them cutting out some pretty important parts of the story the movie was stupid and the only redeeming aspect of the whole thing was my dude Stanley Tucci . Stealing the show like a mother fucking pro. The Tucc was loose and ran wild on Panam. If you're a fan of the book you've seen it, if your curious  rent it , but don't buy it , It kinda blows 

2. The Avengers -  I made no secret on how much I wanted to see this movie. Frankly I rearranged my entire work schedule so I can catch the midnight release. Now normally when you get that hyped for a movie you are in for a disappointing evening ( Spider-man 3, Godzilla, and Honey 2... I thought it would  be just as good as Honey 1) but no . This movie delivered on so many levels. Like 1. Scarlett Johansson talked like 3 times , 2. Mark Ruffalo  "America's favorite supporting actor" did a good job of being Bruce Banner , 3. The Fight scenes were way better then the dialog  and 4 I want to buy all the toys even though I am an adult.  I wished that Sammy L. Jackson said Motha  Fugga  once which would have made it the prefect movie. I can't wait to waste my money on Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 all to get to Avengers 2. Thats at least $900 of movie going right there. Rent It , Buy it , enjoy it . Avengers is not going to blow you away with amazing acting except for Loki who is crazy good in this  but the story and action will definitely be a staple of a movie night with friends or those night where you say to your self " Self I want to watch shit get blowed up !" 

3. Men in Black 3 - Ok this didn't save the world like I said it would. But I think it's a long game type of deal. Like this was Will Smith telling the world  " I am coming back so get ready to get giggy with it... Parents don't understand " .  Not a lot of people saw it and it really wasn't well received but I thought it was a good enough movie. It was funny, it was entertaining and but it fell a little flat some times. I still 100% think Will Smith is our savior but it is going to take until his next movie where he will play Man saving the world from (insert obstacle ) and he makes witty remarks before he says " WHAAAAT " or he quickly mutters what just happened. I don't even know if this came out on dvd but if you got netflix like 90%  of you do and you still get the dvd delivery , put it in you queue its worth a watch. You got nothing to lose. 

4. The Amazing Spider-Man - I have said this many times while talking about this movie. " I wish I could of seen the movie they cut out ." Seriously It felt like the just gutted this movie just so they could build up the romance part of the movie. Look we aren't robots of course everyone loves Emma Stone is the "down to earth" "Girl next door" that we have no chance with , so they could of left some of the becoming spiderman or becoming the Lizard parts in the movie.  It was an eeeh  movie. All the cool parts were shown in the trailers so there was no real surprise. It was like The Edward Norton Hulk. Like yeah the effects are cool and your kinda hyped to see them but since movie marketing is such a joke they showed you all the cool stuff in the trailer so all your'e really there for are 2 fight scenes and a Stan Lee Cameo.  I don't know if you rent it you wont get the bonus stuff so your kinda handcuffed into buying it. I'd avoid it watch Spiderman 2 it is the best one. 

5. Prometheus-  I have heard multiple reasons on why I should like this movie. Like don't think of it as an alien prequel or don't go into it expecting instant gratification. But look you promise me an aliens movie I have a reasonable expectation to see at least more then 3 aliens not just  penis snake, a Vagina monster and those engineer dudes who what I assume my sperm would look like if I took  steroids. I felt no sympathy for those idiot scientists who got lost , or the 2 jerkoffs  who brought everyone there, the only three people I thought made this movie watchable because it was slow moving and non eventful for like 85% of the movie was Fassbender, Theron and the black guy who is in every movie now. If you're an Aliens fan you'd be ok with it, but it's a rental at best. But have you're expectations very low. 

6.  The Dark Knight Rises - This movie was almost the perfect movie. It was solid everything a Batman movie should be. Good plot, good action, shit get blown up, great chemistry with the villain , sexy Catwoman , and Liam Neeson cameo. Joseph Gordon Levitt  was the actual main star and everyone else was just background it seems. I kid, it was a good balance of character not enough Morgan Freeman though. The one issue I had with this movie was the plot holes. Like how did Bane and Bruce Wayne get back and forth from where ever the hell the jail was with no problem when it takes us normal people 40 days to book a trip to Florida.  Batman kicked a lot of ass during the course of the movie and by the end I thought I was going to cry because of the whole Batwing getting blowed up and he made Alfred and Morgan Freeman weep . It was a good movie even though there came a point where I threw my hands up and said " OH Come on!". And when Hines Ward returned the kick for a touchdown I felt that was the most unrealistic part of the movie.  I think I enjoyed Bane's voice. Buy it , rent it, get it tattooed on your face ... just kidding but it's a good movie. Money well Spent  

7. Argo - I know it wasn't a  summer movie but you should see it.  I really enjoy history movies and I can't wait to see Lincoln. It was crazy intense and Ben Affleck has  become a great director. After just 3 movies he is crushing it and I was hoping he would consider the Justice League movie because it would star him as Batman, Matt Damon as Green Lantern,  John Hamm as Superman, Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman, Casey Affleck as Robin, John Goodman as Aquaman , and Brian Cranston as Martian manhunter as the Justice league . I am pretty sure Chris Cooper as Lex Luther, Blake Lively as Saloman  Grundy and the dude who plays  Pete Campbell as Bizarro Superman. But Go see Argo shit is crazy good and funny too. Also Affleck was the Bomb in Phantoms 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't call it a comeback. I totally forgot

    OOps looks like I forgot to do something in between the end of August and the start of November.  Sorry about that, but now that you have had some time to detox from what ever that last thing was. So right now I just want to hit on a few things that might of happened real fast.

   First thing first how about those Jets ? I mean them not using the "Wildcat" in the pre-season totally worked to their advantage in the regular season. They won some they lost some they may or may not be the biggest joke in the NFL right now... well besides Cam Newton's press conferences. I know the  Panthers won last week but after they lose its pretty funny. But back to the Jets they suck. Thats it I think I can move on.

   Basketball is back and Hockey is on strike. 50/50 right here. The Knicks and Nets are off to a respectively hot start and who knows what will happen. The Knicks have taken the sign up just about to retire veterans and two guys who played on the team right before the Isaiah  Thompson era. But they seem like the plan of passing it to Melo and letting him score so I guess I can live with it too.  The Nets on the other hand went out and locked up Derrrrrrrrrooooonnnn (actual spelling )  Williams , signed Gerald Wallace and traded for Joe Johnson making them a pretty formidable team. The Nets face the same problem the Knicks do, can all of that talent coexist on the floor at one time or will each person get their ow quarter so they can do their thing. Which is just as dumb as it sounds, I am sorry I was kinda on roll there? Nun the less Basketball will get me through the week until the Giants play. Oh yeah and Hockey is on strike so ....

  Speaking of the Giants... I mean the Super Bowl Champion Giants. They are so good, sometimes. I hate to be negative all the time and nit pick but thats what blogs are about right? Look everyone is saying Eli is in a slump because in the last 3 games he has 1 td pass and 4 ints which sounds like a terrible thing but think of it like this. They only lost 1 of those games.  Eli has been carrying this team on his back since they played the Jets on Christmas Eve last year and you know what he might be getting exhausted doing it. The Defense is  a question mark every game. They can be lock down like they were is San Fran or they can suck like they did against Pitts. The Giants have to make to the bye on a strong win against the Bengals , then they can rest up and play out the rest of their schedule with some consistency.

  Speaking of consistency and using the same opening as the last paragraph because I am running out of words in my brain. The Mets have parted ways with  Jason Bay in probably the most awkward of ways. I have a feeling that Sandy , Fred ,Jeff and Jason where sitting at Bay's apartment talking about how he wants to be Bane  for Halloween this year and then Sandy said "  Hey Jay I have to tell you something. This isn't working out for us. It's not us it's you lets part now so that in a year when you catch on with the Mariners and we play you in the regular season ,because thats a thing now. We can still be friends and maybe we will have a good laugh. Look we took a risk together and Bay be (you like that I just came up with it)? It was a bad fit. So why don't you take the remaining 20 or so million dollars and get the fuck on out of here," and all that was left was a dust cloud where Bay and his family stood.  Fred turns to Jeff and says they should wait till a week or so after the world series to let everyone know whats up. Alderson is shadow boxing in the corner  " Hurricane Sandy strikes ". So thats what happened the Mets do something for the good of their franchise and a storm nearly wipes out the New York New Jersey area. Thanks a lot guys. No joke donate  or everyone will think you're a huge tool.  Luckily my part of Long Island wasn't hit too hard but it's not good . It's going to take some time but we'll bounce back and now with no Jason Bay I think we will be better then ever.

   Oh yeah before I go and do other stuff I would just like to say this. Apparently Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers also think Josh Hamilton is kind of a douche. This team throws money at everyone under the sun but wont give a guy who's had two "mvp  " type seasons in a row more then a one year  deal right out of the gate is pretty telling...

   OH we had a lot laughs. Most of you cried because you realize this is a good as your week will be. But we have reached the end of a this post. Maybe I will come back in a few more months or the world will end who really knows.