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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't call it a comeback. I totally forgot

    OOps looks like I forgot to do something in between the end of August and the start of November.  Sorry about that, but now that you have had some time to detox from what ever that last thing was. So right now I just want to hit on a few things that might of happened real fast.

   First thing first how about those Jets ? I mean them not using the "Wildcat" in the pre-season totally worked to their advantage in the regular season. They won some they lost some they may or may not be the biggest joke in the NFL right now... well besides Cam Newton's press conferences. I know the  Panthers won last week but after they lose its pretty funny. But back to the Jets they suck. Thats it I think I can move on.

   Basketball is back and Hockey is on strike. 50/50 right here. The Knicks and Nets are off to a respectively hot start and who knows what will happen. The Knicks have taken the sign up just about to retire veterans and two guys who played on the team right before the Isaiah  Thompson era. But they seem like the plan of passing it to Melo and letting him score so I guess I can live with it too.  The Nets on the other hand went out and locked up Derrrrrrrrrooooonnnn (actual spelling )  Williams , signed Gerald Wallace and traded for Joe Johnson making them a pretty formidable team. The Nets face the same problem the Knicks do, can all of that talent coexist on the floor at one time or will each person get their ow quarter so they can do their thing. Which is just as dumb as it sounds, I am sorry I was kinda on roll there? Nun the less Basketball will get me through the week until the Giants play. Oh yeah and Hockey is on strike so ....

  Speaking of the Giants... I mean the Super Bowl Champion Giants. They are so good, sometimes. I hate to be negative all the time and nit pick but thats what blogs are about right? Look everyone is saying Eli is in a slump because in the last 3 games he has 1 td pass and 4 ints which sounds like a terrible thing but think of it like this. They only lost 1 of those games.  Eli has been carrying this team on his back since they played the Jets on Christmas Eve last year and you know what he might be getting exhausted doing it. The Defense is  a question mark every game. They can be lock down like they were is San Fran or they can suck like they did against Pitts. The Giants have to make to the bye on a strong win against the Bengals , then they can rest up and play out the rest of their schedule with some consistency.

  Speaking of consistency and using the same opening as the last paragraph because I am running out of words in my brain. The Mets have parted ways with  Jason Bay in probably the most awkward of ways. I have a feeling that Sandy , Fred ,Jeff and Jason where sitting at Bay's apartment talking about how he wants to be Bane  for Halloween this year and then Sandy said "  Hey Jay I have to tell you something. This isn't working out for us. It's not us it's you lets part now so that in a year when you catch on with the Mariners and we play you in the regular season ,because thats a thing now. We can still be friends and maybe we will have a good laugh. Look we took a risk together and Bay be (you like that I just came up with it)? It was a bad fit. So why don't you take the remaining 20 or so million dollars and get the fuck on out of here," and all that was left was a dust cloud where Bay and his family stood.  Fred turns to Jeff and says they should wait till a week or so after the world series to let everyone know whats up. Alderson is shadow boxing in the corner  " Hurricane Sandy strikes ". So thats what happened the Mets do something for the good of their franchise and a storm nearly wipes out the New York New Jersey area. Thanks a lot guys. No joke donate  or everyone will think you're a huge tool.  Luckily my part of Long Island wasn't hit too hard but it's not good . It's going to take some time but we'll bounce back and now with no Jason Bay I think we will be better then ever.

   Oh yeah before I go and do other stuff I would just like to say this. Apparently Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers also think Josh Hamilton is kind of a douche. This team throws money at everyone under the sun but wont give a guy who's had two "mvp  " type seasons in a row more then a one year  deal right out of the gate is pretty telling...

   OH we had a lot laughs. Most of you cried because you realize this is a good as your week will be. But we have reached the end of a this post. Maybe I will come back in a few more months or the world will end who really knows.

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