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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just some Christmas hot stove ramblings

 I still can't bring my self to really write about the football season, because what can I honestly say? Look the season is pretty much over and I will make my picks for the playoffs after this weekend so the playoff picture can get slightly more ,oh whats the word... Less fucked up .  So football will take a back page for now and I have gotten into such a baseball mode that is disturbing me so late in the year.

  Normally I stop caring about Baseball by August because the Mets are usually out of it and the Giants and Knicks are gearing up. But for some reason I am so invested with every offseason move made that it's scaring me. I am checking twitter every 5 minutes for MLB updates, I steal the remote from my dad so I can turn on the MLB Network so I don't have to stomach through ESPN as they continue to talk about America's #1 favorite back up  Quarterback doing  nothing. I am just ready for baseball. So with the Hot stove about to explode after the Holidays I am going to list a few possible moves that could happen.

1. Justin Upton   to the Atlanta Braves in a 3 team deal with the Dodgers  - The Dbacks   just signed up Cody Ross for 3 years at 26 million ,so it's not like he is going to be the fourth outfielder and the Dbacks   need a Shortstop so here is the deal . This is how I see the players being moved. Atlanta gets Upton    and Aaron Harang  , The Dbacks   get Dee Gordon and Chris Medlan   and the Dodgers get Johnny Venters and 2 prospects from the Backs . Everyone gets something awesome. Backs  get a shortstop/leadoff hitter , Braves get a power bat to add to their stacked outfield and the Dodgers get top caliber bullpen help  and prospects so they can deal them off for another big name guy at the all star break ( Johan Santana)  

2. Michael Bourn signs with the Texas Ranger and the Rangers Trade Elvis Andurs  and Mitch Moreland to the Brewers for Mat Gamel  and Carlos Gomez - The Rangers need a leadoff hitter and something to give the Rangers fan some faith after losing: Mike Nappoli, Josh Hamilton,and Mike Adams. Though the Rangers signed the Joquain  Soria  and a few other good arms  but their offense needs something to kick it and Michael Bourn would be a great fit.  Like I said the Rangers lost a lot so trading a big piece like Andrus  to a team like the Brewers with a pitching prospect for Gamel  who has a ton of upside since he was slated to take over for Prince Fielder but got hurt and missed a large chunk of the season. With Andrus  at Short and Weeks at second it forms a nice core with Braun and Hart who they just gave a contract extension to last season. Figure Gomez would be the 4th outfielder in Texas while they can use Moreland at first so the Brewers could put Cory Hart back in right field and Aoki  in center.

3. Nick Swisher signs with the Indians -  As of right now the Indians seems like the only team that is willing to meet Swish at his level. They are pulling out all the stops to get him for their revamped offense. With Drew Stubbs, Mark Reynolds and Mike Aviles added to a young group of players that might bring respectability back to the Cleve. It's an ideal spot for him right now because the projected line up with him in it has him hitting 3rd or 5th making him the offensive star on this team. I think Swish and Reynolds are the two biggest bros in the game so it only makes sense.  

          ---  This is going to be a long one -----
4.  The Mets go bargain hunting and solidify their back ups and bullpen while spending under 10 million dollars - Lets face it that's been the Mets plan for the past 4 years but this year they can actually make a difference this year. The Mets need a back up infielder , two outfielders which one of them must be able to play more then 80 games and produce,  middle relief and a back up catcher. the back up catcher will be the cheapest so look at Yorvit Torrealba  , Jesus Flores and Matt Treanor  . The Mets have had a hard on for Torrealba  for years , Flores is looking to come back from injury and having him as a back up could make him a good singing and Matt Treanor  is always on the  move. The back up infielder would be someone like Ronny Cedeno , Ryan Theroit and Brandon Inge to be a righty bat off the bench  who can play all 4 spots in the infield . Now for the outfield the Mets are going to try to throw out some  cash. 
   I would like to see the Mets bring back Scott ( Leonardo ) Hairston to be a power bat who can play the corners , I would like to see the Mets also take a chance on a guy like Grady Sizemore ( which there has been some heat thrown at him in the past week) Ryan Rayburn and Ben Francisco but I would love to see them give Endy  Chavez one more go. I know the three names I threw out have not really lived up to the hype but they are low risk high reward guys. If Rayburn signs a one year deal with the Mets with no guarantee  to make the big club no big deal, they can cut him or let him get some reps in Vegas ( New Triple A team), Sizemore has been hurt for years and if healthy could hold down the spot in center extremely well for a while and Ben Francisco has always killed NL east teams and is a righty bat with little pop a good fit as a 4th outfielder / player to be thrown in a trade later in the year.   
   Now for the bullpen the Mets have to get away from guys who have shaky resumes at the end of the season and a guy who can possibly take over in the closer spot if and when Frank Frank gets hurt or has a mental breakdown. So I would love to see Sandy bring in guys like Matt Windstorm , Brain Wilson, Brett Meyers and J.P.  Howell. Windstorm  is a fireballer and could be a great 7th inning guy or righty specialist, Wilson is coming back from Tommy John and it would be smart for the Mets to give the guy a shot for like 5 million and have him be a trade chip or the closer depending on how good he is. Now I see Meyers and Howell as two guys who are higher in price but are worth it. They both can close, Meyers could slide into a starting spot and be a workhorse type of guy giving the Mets a starter with no fear which could help their young pitchers and Howell is a lefty and can get both sides of the plate out effectively.   So thats the Mets. 

5. The Yankees blow everyone away with another late night move - I never trust the Yankees during Free agent season because lets face it they have so much money no matter what ever bullshit they are saying about getting under a 140 million payroll. The Yankees need a catcher , righty bat and could use some pitching.  I really doubt the Yankees will make a trade for a catcher because they need to see what Austin Romine  is because that would make the Monitor deal look like a bust on the Yankees end. So they have a few options now that Raul Ibanez  signed with the Mariners. They do their thing and buy up free agents like Hariston, etc or they could trade Curtis Granderson  and Ivan Nova to Texas if they don't sign Bourn for Derek Holland and Neftali   Feliz who has lost a ton of value in that organization with the singing of Soria  and the success of Joe Nathan.
   That will add a young arm to the Yankees old rotation and he can be slotted in right behind Kurd  and before Hughes. Nova would probably best suited for the bullpen in Texas while Feliz  would make the Yankees  bullpen strong as he works his way back and could be the yankees closer of the future with Mo Rivera looking to ride off into the sunset after this year. His words not mine.  You have to think the Yankees have some sort of plan going up that is going to shock the baseball world. I kinda feel like the Yankees are like a really crafty super villain just buying time until they strike and you feel like a dick for not seeing it right away. They might be bidding their time until the next round of free agents to go off because this year isn't that rich with talent.  So the Yankees might lay low for 2 years let Toronto  and Baltimore beat each other up for a while then come back and run shit again.

6. Carl Pavano  and Roy Oswalt  sign with Seattle on the cheap - It looks like Carl Pavano  will be taking his mustache out of the Twin City  and the gun slinger is going to try to latch on to a team that will let him start.  The M's are  on the hunt for some former big money now bargain bin guys who are looking to get hold over for a year and get one last big money contract for 3 years. Seattle traded off their second best pitcher to rival Angels for the home run threat Kendrys Morales who might be the only person who hates walk off home runs. But the M's have a chance to get 2 guys here who have seen some shit and are the type of pitchers they love. So until their prospects are ready to take off they can sign Oswalt to a one year deal at low money because Roy might be on the way to the desk at the MLB network, don't get me wrong I like Oswalt and was devastated when the Mets wouldn't trade Lastings Miledge  for him a few years back (because that worked out ).  Pavano  seems like a guy who can give the M's a few good years in obscurity because thats what he dose. Carl will but up double digit wins in a small market team and make his cash but when he is in the spot light he is hurt or terrible. A perfect pick for the M's.

7. The Cubs send Alfonso Soaring  and Carlos Marmol  to the  Phillies  for Dominic Brown and two low level pitching prospects-Face it Cubs and Phillies  fans your  pretty much done with  all these guys. The Cubs get to dump the albatross of Alfonso Saran's contract to a team where he will probably finish off his career, even though some pop came back into his bat last season which made him tradable. The Phillies need one more bat with pop in their line up to help put them back in the mix with ATL and Washington. I see Marmol  as a throw in to the deal but will be used as an 8th inning guy for Papelbon. The Phillies  still hold Brown in high regard and the Cubs could use him and Brett Jackson as building blocks to the future of the Cubs with Starling Castro , Anthony Rio and Jeff Saamamsdasnaja  or how ever his name spelt.

8. The Rockies will trade Dexter Fowler or Tyler Colvin  to the Giants for Prospects - The Rockies are along way away from 2007, I mean a long long long way away. They are stock piling prospects like doomsday hoarders and it doesn't really make sense when they can go after guys and try to get back to the playoffs. Players like Tulo  and Cargo have suffered enough. But the Giants need an every day Left fielder, they can not live with Gregor Blanco  and Andres  Torres out there. Fowler will give the Giants a true leadoff hitter which they could use but Angel Pagan who got paid 30 million dollars more then what he is worth had the same year with the Giants as he did with the Mets the season before. The  Giants could use Colvin more then Fowler, Colvin is a lefty bat who can hit over 20 home runs while playing the corners in the outfield as well as first.  But I've been wrong about the Giants plenty so I will leave it at that.

9.  The Rays sign Carlos Lee and Miguel Olivo  -  The Rays don't really have much at the catcher position and getting a guy like Olivo    who still can hack and may not have much time left in the bigs but will lend  good power and give an older catcher who is the starter some time. Carlos Lee is just about to call it a career and getting on a team who is in need of a Dh but is not really desperate for it. I see the Rays as a national league team in the American league. Built on pitching, speed, defense and smart baseball the Rays have never really knocked it out of the park in the Dh spot in the last 5 years. So getting a guy who wants to stay in Florida because of the tax breaks ( Lee turned down a trade to the Yankees to stay with the sinking ship known as the Marlins in '12) . Who knows having him only hit and not play first everyday or the outfield might put some youth in his bat. He averages around 140 hits a season so a two year contract with an option might be right up his ally. He can get to 400 homers and a shot at 3,000 hits but he only needs 42 homers as opposed to 727 hits.

10. The Twins trade Josh Willingham  to the Mets for Jeurys  Fimila  and Bobby Parnell  or to the Braves for Julio Tehran-The Mets can not live with Mike Baxter , Lucas Duda  or Jordany  Valdespin  as their  starting outfielder. Bringing in a guy like Willingham who can hit any and play right. left and first and be that right handed bat the Mets really need. I know I mentioned the Mets before but I gotta throw this out there. The Mets can slot Willingham in to the #5 spot right after Wright and Davis , not only would it give those two veteran protection but it will take a lot of the pressure on Duda  who needs a little help. He look like he is holding in the biggest shit all the time. The twins will get two guys who can excel in their depleted bullpen. Basically the same thing with the deal with the Braves. If they don't acquire a legit option to play left field so they can put Prado at 3rd base I can see them trading off Tehran to Sota  for the crusher. Willingham's  name has yet to be brought up in serious talks but knowing the Twins they like to sell high on talent they have no real interest to bring back.

   I think stoping at 10 will be good enough for now. I am still recovering from serious writers block. If any of these moves happen I will be the most arrogant asshole in the game . Like normal.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Lets hope that the NFL playoff picture clears up a bit so I can make my super accurate prediction. So take that Ken Rosethal you tiny mother fucker.