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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day two another top 10 = 20 different ways to say the same thing over again


   Back again for day two. What back to back this shit is just about to blow up for. Christ I can't keep it up. I love writing about baseball because it gives me a chance to show the game that I find to be the best out of them all but I gotta tell you my brain can only process so much.  I can't even write in proper englerish  most of the time but I am going to truck through it just for all of you who "read".

   So last night I sat down and listed off in my opinion who is the top 10 catchers in the game today and tonight I got to  one of the more difficult positions to rank. First basemen, how do you judge this position fairly. How much do you count defense or offensive production ? Some first basemen are really good defensively but are a black hole  when it come to their turn at the plate. then the other way around. Some can crush and be the offensive juggernaut that puts a team on the map but are just as good as little leaguers when they are on defense. But with the new mold of players that are equal on every side of their game.  Lets get into it because I am having trouble painting a word picture and I am kinda done with it.

Top 10 First basemen

10.  Anthony Rizzo  - Cubs- I have faith that this guy is the truth. the Cubs have been looking for a legit first basemen since they let Derek Lee go. Which I am surprised a guy like Lee hasn't found a job somewhere. Rizzo  is a big kid and when the Red Sox shipped him off to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez then when Theo was traded to the Cubs he thought it would be the best fit for the Cubs to lock up Rizzo  instead of going after Pujols. But in Rizzo's  in 87 games with the Cubs Rio hit .285 with 15 home runs 48 rbis. What's interesting is that in total Rizzo  had 96 hits 15 of them were home runs and 15 were doubles so 30 of his 96 hits were extra base hits. That's pretty impressive if you thing about it. So this year should be his first full year as a pro with the faith of the whole club behind him in the friendly confines. Should be a good year for the kid

9. Chris Davis- Orioles- The Texas castoff make his mark last year for the birds cranking 33 home runs   in his second season with 100+ games. He can play the corners in the infield and outfield but is  the starting first basemen for the upstart O's.  Davis is known for his peaks and valleys but I think since he is  looked to be a key cog in the offense might be the kick in the ass Davis needed. When he was on the Rangers he was buried under the names like Kinsler , Hamilton, Young, and Cruz he was in the bottom of the order and as a young crusher it could of taken the wind from his wings. Yes I used that phrase. But I think now that since he is in the heart of the O's order he is living up to his potential. Hardy Jones Davis and Wieters  is a very good line up that is getting better if they can stay healthy.

8. Adrian Gonzalez-Dodgers- Just wait two seconds while I tell you why I am not high on A-Gon . The guy went to possibly the smallest ball park in the world for a year and a half and only hit 42 combined home runs. He hit 40 one year for the Padres where he played 81 games in a park so big it is 2 feet away from having  to be considered a national park. There's a 5 story building in left field and hit hit the roof at least 8 times  a month. Ok maybe I'm wrong but  going to Boston you'd think he'd crush it all day everyday. But I don't think he really wanted to go to a team  in the midst of a messy divorce with Terry Francona  and adding the ever forgettable Bobby Valentine and that whole shit show that was the 2012 Boston Red Sox. A- Gone was shipped to the Dodgers in a power play. But he only hit 3 home runs in 145 plate appearances. Maybe this year with some stability and he might be one of those out of the spotlight type players that he might succeed being the #5 biggest name on that team.

7.  Ike Davis - Mets - Why because fuck you that's why. Look I think Ike Davis is about to blow up if he can avoid the injury bug or the flu or whatever he had in spring training last. Ike started last season with as much consistency as my farts at work. You never knew what you were going to get but you know it was going to smell like shit.  But Ike was never satisfied with how he was play so he kept changing his stance and how he swung until he started to mash. He played in 156 games hit 32 home runs with 90 rbis. Look I am not saying Ike is the best first basemen in the game but he has the tools if he can get his shit together   he could be consider one of the best. He's a stud with the glove and he's getting there with the bat. Just keep swimming

6. Paul Konerko- White Sox- Paul Consistency I guess he is called, because this dude is a no doubt 25+ home runs 80+ rbis and a high .270 batting average. Is he a hall of famer , maybe is he a house hold name outside of Chicago , No , is he tremendously underrated and should of been paid way more , FUCK YEAH. This guy is the only 400 home run hitter who has made less then 60 million. If guys like Mark Teixeira and Hamilton can be locked up for over 20 million a year is just a crime. There are younger players with more flash out there and a bigger upside but they are huge question marks. You don't know their slide but Konerko stays healthy crushes and plays a gold glove caliber first base every year. He is on a walk year and people thing he is going to call it quits but I think he should sign for a short term big money contract some where. they gave Josh Hamilton 4 years for 25 million and he gets hurt every year.

5. Freddie Freeman- Braves- This kid is taking over the show in Atlanta. He was brought up 2 years ago with Jayson Heyward and Craig Kimberly for a youth infusion on the stalwart Braves. Freeman launched a career high 23 home runs with 94 rbis. In a division with guys like Davis, Howard, LaRoche  and Morrison it is easy to say Freeman is the more polished and healthier anchor. With the Upton's  in the fold he could be on the more dangerous line ups in the game. And he looks like Beast from that shitty new Xmen movie. Though not in that picture .

4. Mark Teixeira - Yankees - Has been hitting 30+ home runs  for the past 9 years for the Rangers and Yankees. but what makes Mark so good is that he is the best defensive first basemen in the game. Since he signed with the Yankees in 09 he has saved the careers of A-rod and Jeter with his no nonsense style of play and has made Robinson Cano look like a young Roberto Alamos. Sure he has his draw backs like he can't hit before May and after September. But he is the mold that the new wave of first basemen are trying to be. Well one of the molds.

3. Prince Fielder- Tigers- The MVP maker. You put the big man behind any power hitting righty who has yet to reach their potential as a star and with in the next couple of year boom MVP. Though Miggy is the first to do it filled with empinadas instead of steroids but still MVP. Yeah I know Prince is shitty on defense but he's my guy. Is he going to win a gold glove any time soon, probably not  but is he going to give his team 100% of everything he's got and hit a few moon shots ? You beat your ass he will.

2. Joey Votto- Reds - He is Canadian and he hits all over the  place and plays a solid defense. That's really it I mean he makes no noise for an MVP that beat out Abert for MVP when Abert hit 42 home runs. So this is probably the most he would allow to be written about him since you know Canadians don't like to brag.  

1. Albert Pujols- Angels - Remember the first month of last season when ESPN was losing their shit because it took Abert a few at bats to hit his first home run? Yeah that was total shit. I told you that he was going to blast off. As I am writing this part I am listening to Pandora and that song from requiem for a dream came on . It is extremely fitting for a guy who has only 1 season under 100 + rbis. Actually he had 99 on the year when the Cards won the world series so I think it's ok . The Machine is just that he is a machine when it comes to  baseball.  2x Champion, 8x All star, 3x MVP, 2x gold glover, 6x Silver slugger and heart of gold. Abert is the best in baseball and the day he calls it a career  the BBWA can't wait 5 years to get him into the Hall. Or maybe they'll elect no one so that they get more air time.

    I would have put a picture of me as the best first basemen in the game but A. I don't take a lot of pictures due to me being too handsome and B. I am translucent in picture form I am super pale.  But join me again probably tomorrow when it's second basemen. I swear no Mets.

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