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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I think you all forgot that I am the king of the Top 10's. So yeah get at me bro


  Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner you know what that means to me ? Nothing at all, this year.  Look I love watching the big game but do I really care about any of the story lines this year ? Two Brothers , Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick, and I don't know some random player probably had someone close them die or get hurt that some reporters will beat it into the ground. I hate to be that guy but seriously the next two weeks are almost unbearable that I am just counting down the minutes until the end of the Super Bowl. How many times last year did we hear that Eli Manning is Peyton Manning's little brother and he had an interview in august where he said he was an elite quaterback.  It has made me check out of football completely , also the Giants aren't in it and that adds to it.

   So when I got home from work safely after fish tailing it in the snow for a few blocks, ate some dinner and then finally got to turn on the MLB network to see what they had going. Apparently before the start of the joy enducing spring training they are putting on the "Top 10" in different position in the past few years. Excuse me MLB network top 10's are my thing. Stick to you're Prime 9's and top 50's the 10 is a corner stone of the Phantom.... and a million other sites. And while I might be full of shit 90% of the time I still think I should be in the top 10 of top 10's. So  I am going to try contribute to their endovior and  give a few top 10's of the best players at their positions so today I will do my top 10 Catchers and tomorrow I will try to get a list of first basemen. 

So like all good top tens you start at 10 and work your way up. Because thats how you make the readers stick a round. I can do it to without all that hair gel and  nice suits. Though I am not opposed to getting a free suit. 

Catcher - Honorable mention - Josh Thole for being the first Cross eyed catcher in the Bigs and Dotty Henson for being the worst example of team work in pro sports. What she was a stud catcher hands down MVP then she got her sister traded, made Jimmy Dugan give up the Sauce,  acted like a total douche when her husband got back from fighting Aliens she left her team on a playoff push and then came back on the last day to prove she was the best. In my book she's a douche.

10  Jarrod  Saltalamacchia - Red Sox - My screen is beaming red lines right now. But the man who married his high school gym teacher and they call Salty  finally got the reigns to be the #1 guy in Boston behind the plate. And if that sentence is any indication on how difficult it was for me to figure out where he goes on this list you'll understand why he is this low. He defense is eeeh  and his hitting is just as tough to judge as well. He hit .222 which is horrible for a major league starter but he hit 25 bombs on a team that looked like they just gave up 2 weeks into the season. So you take the good you take the bad blah blah.  

9. A. J. Elis  -Dodgers -  It was his first full year in the bigs last year and is now in charge of catching probably the most expensive pitching staff in the entire MLB. Hitting 13 home runs with a .270 batting average  probably batting closer to the bottom of the order is a nice little extra out there when you have guys like Kemp, Gonzales, Either , Hanley and Crawford who makes a ton of money in his 2 down years but a change of scenery was needed for Carl. His defense might not be stellar but he's getting there. Cali does strange things to people

8. J.P. Arencibia- Blue Jays - The Blue Jay's Catcher for the future and now that is a fact since the Jay's traded Travis D'Anradu to the Mets. I should probably learn how to spell that name soon shouldn't I? J.P broke out in the bigs in 09 with a two homer game then was sent down. the Next year  he got to play in 129 games and hit 23 home runs with a .219 batting average. Which like I said before for an American league team should no be tolerated and the franchise that got Joey Bats to crush the ball and hit over .270 I feel they dropped the ball with J.P in his first full year but in '12 he hit .233 which is like saying well  I am on a diet but I love eating cupcakes every weekend? You might be trying to get better but you have terrible habits that kill what ever work you did .  He is a solid defensive catcher only committing 4 errors last year which should double or triple every 5th day this year but he has a plus side that can be dangerous. Is it just me or does he look like Jim Halpert  from the office? 

7. Alex Avila-Tigers-  Single handedly the most underrated catcher in the game. Solely based on how he handles the pitching staff.  He has flame throwers all around and has been on the verge of a championship for 2 years. He was a bit banged up this year so the numbers aren't as high as Salty's or  Mauer's  but lets look at the pitching staff's  top 3 guys since he took over catching duties  Verlander 59-22 , Scherzer 42-27 and Jose Valverde 110-118 save chances granted Avila didn't catch every game but I don't want to do that much work. 

6.  Brian McCann-Braves- Big Country can rake with the best of them and now that Chipper is out of Hotlanta he is really the longest tenured Brave. The Braves made some moves this offseason to ease the pressure off McCann with adding The Upton's will defiantly change the dynamic of this team. He should bat in the 5th spot this year . In an injury plagued season , I should know he was on both my sub 7th place fantasy teams McCann still managed to hit 20 home runs with a .230 batting average. McCann normally hits around .260 with 20+ home runs and can hit both righties and lefties pretty well . For a big guy McCann is pretty quick behind the dish with less then 10 errors the last two years . With an influx of young arms and Tim Hudson's nasty sinker keeping the ball in front of him is a reason why the Braves pitching staff ranks among the leagues best. I should rank him higher because we look alike.

5. Matt Wieters - Orioles - He is getting better and better with a good team around him and a manager who is a genius means big things for  the switch hitting giant. Dude is 6'5 he's a giant behind the plate.  Now he hit .249 with 23 home runs last year but he brought in 83 rbis and was walked 60 times which help a surprising team to take the wild card. Wieter came into the bigs with a ton of pressure on his back since people in Baltimore said he was the next Cal Ripken Jr or the Switch hitting Joe Mauer . I don't like comparisons for players because everyone plays the game differently. Hopefully they can keep players healthy so that Wieters can see better pitches might increase his numbers.

4. Carlos Ruiz - Phillies- Mother Fucking COOOOOOOCH . I hate the Phillies but I love this guy. His story is awesome and he is a grinder which motivates his team and yeah he was dinged for performance enhancing drugs but that's because he has A.D.D and took ritalen . But Cooch is aces behind the plate. Look I am biased to the National league game and this dude plays it so well. He  hits above .280 in the past 3 years, his rbis are increasing on a team that sold off some of its talent last season and he has guys like Roy Halladay  and Cliff Lee thankful that  he is so good because they'd have to throw to Brian Schinder because the Phillies  don't believe in good back up catchers. Last year Coooch  hit .325 with 16 home runs and 68 rbis. Which is a 38 point increase in batting average, 10 more home runs and 28 more rbis in a year where the Phillies  look as good as the Mets did in the end of the season for the start of the season... Did that make sense? No well they sucked  up until the All Star break then made a push that fell short because of the Cardinals being the Cardinals and when you say the word Wild Card game to the Cards they get all itchy and get fired up.

3. Joe Mauer - Twins -  I never really liked Joe Mauer . I always felt he was way overrated.  This is his 9th year in the league and he is 6 home runs away from 100 in his career and he has never had a season with over 100 rbis, actually he has only had one season with 90+ rbis. For a guy who hits in the 3 hole on an American league team is hard to even consider him top of the charts. Though he is a plus on the defensive side of the ball and is a true leader of the Twins but there are better guys who do more then him. He is also getting older faster and it's just a matter of time before he takes over at 1st base. Which should have happened last year to keep his legs with him? Have Doubt catch, Mauer  at first and Morneau  dh to keep their big money guys in lower impact area.

2. Yadier  Molina - Speaking of the Cardinals  Eider was a huge factor in the P.P or A.An or N.M.B era of  St. Louis Baseball. What you don't know what those abbreviations mean? Well P.P = Post Pujols  ,  A.A=  After Albert , N.M.AB= No more ABert. Come on guys act like you google searched  this shit before. Yadier has been increasing the offensive side of his game every year so when he went off for 22 home runs 76 rbis and a .315 batting average for career highs across the board . If you know about Eider you should know that he is a preeminent gold glover every year so I don't need to go into detail about it. The Last thing I am going to say about Yaider is that he can go FUCK HIMSELF in his stupid FUCKING Face. 2006 still hurts you bastard, I wont forget that 3 run blast he hit against Aaron Hillman the real goat of that playoff game. But Fuck you.  

1. Buster Poesy - Giants-What do I have to say about a guy who has won 2 World Series, Rookie of the Year and MVP all in his first 3 years. If it wasn't for Scott Cousins breaking his leg, he could of been a 2x MVP he was hitting .284 in the first 45 games so you never know.  I mean the only real gripe I can have against Poesy is that he can't grow a beard which I guess doesn't mean that much to him because he just keeps getting better and better.  He is a true talent and in 3 years you can easily say that in 8 more years without major injury he is a hall of famer .

So that is it my first of 10 top ten's . That sounds lame but I am in a baseball mood and it's not going away anytime soon and as long as these websites keep leaving very positive comments on the worst posts on this site I am going to keep it up. But to be honest these guy's all right I mean they are not the best catcher I've seen play the game . frankly  I think this guy is the best catcher . M.D Flanagan raking up a .400 average this year  thats what you call a boss... in softball.


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