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Monday, January 14, 2013

Peyton Manning Vs Tim Tebow aka the dumbest storyline through out the entire playoffs.


   So as most of you saw , saturday  the Broncos lost in double overtime in the AFC Divisional playoff game against the hottest team right now the Baltimore Ravens in double over time . That's 6 quarters of football and they only lost by a field goal. But if you read the paper on sunday morning you would think the Broncos went undefeated last season. Well, I would like to put some gas on this fire in an open letter to Tebowmania .

   Dear  Tebow maniacs   :

    I didn't really watch the game yesterday. Sorry I was a bit under the weather but I did happen to catch some of the highlights.  So first things first I understand how and why you are going out in public and saying things like " Well at least Tebow  won a playoff game," or  "Tim didn't throw an int in overtime," and other things to that effect  because I know the truth your Broncos fans who wrote a check of  Tebow  fandom and there is no way you can back out of it now. It's heartbreaking to lose in the playoffs, trust me I know. Jets fans still stalk about the AFC championship game 3 years ago, so I get it . But lashing out at probably the NFL MVP is one of the dumbest things I can think of. Yes, he threw  2 picks in against one of the best defensive teams in the past 13 years or so. But if you really want  to compare Tim Tebow  to Peyton Manning on a playoff game lets do it.

 The Broncos last year went 8-8 including 4 crunch time come back wins and backing into the playoffs because of wins against the Raiders and Chargers earlier in the season to have the time breaks to clinch the AFC west which is by far the weakest division in football. They played the PIttsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round where they won in overtime on a Demaryius  Thomas td pass from the Bow winning 29-23. Then they played the New England Patriots in the Divisional round  the next week in which they lost 45-10. Tebow on the season was 126 for 271for 1729 yards with 12 td's 6 ints, 122 rushing attempts for 660 yards 6 td's and was sacked 33 times for 225 in lost yards  with 13 fumbles with 6 lost in 14 games

 The  Broncos this year  went 13-3 and were the #1 seed in the Afc getting home field advantage and a first round bye. He did start off slow losing games to the Texans, Flacons.And the Patriots all before their week 7 bye and they didn't lose until the playoff game against the Ravens. That's 10 wins in a row . Peyton on the season was 400 for 583 4359 yards 37 td's with 11 ints , 23 rushing attempts for  6 yards sacked 21 times for 137  in lost yards and fumbled 2 times .

  Ummm. So the only real argument I can see is that Manning played 2 more games then Tebow. But other then that I guess there is no question Tim Tebow is way better then Peyton Manning. You see to be the best quarterback for a team is not to win the most games in a year , no stupid it's to rely heavily on a well coached and talented defense to keep you close so your first round draft pick can scramble around lose 100 more yards then any other average quarterback. Especially a 12 time Pro bowl, 6 time offensive player of the year, Super Bowl Champion,Super Bowl MVP , and 4 time NFL MVP. Are you kidding me awards are for losers just ask Aaron Rodgers. It's obvious Tebow is streets ahead of Peyton Manning.  Because you're not an elite quarter back until you lose 40-14 to the Buffalo Bills throwing 3 picks to their vaunted defense.

   All right enough is enough.  If anyone out there thinks the Broncos had a chance of getting anywhere close to what they did this year with Tebow behind center is out of their mind and spitting nonsense out of their dumb mouth. Tebow is a great athlete I give you that ,hands down kid can play ball but he is not anywhere close or will he be to the player that Peyton Manning is. The only way you can compare the two in playoffs games for the Broncos you would have to only count the Divisional game. So  you take Tebow's 9 for 26  136 yard 0 td's performance to Peyton's 28 for 43 for 290 with 3 td's. They both lost but one lost by 3 after  5 quarters of football to one getting blown out .

   If you're a Broncos fan what's wrong with you? How can you be that mad that you wish you still had a guy who couldn't put together one good practice to take over the Jets? I'm pretty sure they called in the winner of last year's Punt Pass and kick to take some first team reps. The Broncos did the right thing by signing Peyton , he was the best quarterback available and they have great weapons on both sides of the ball and they got the last piece of the puzzle. Tebow was holding them back and the Broncos made the right football move. If you're a Tebow fan or a fan of what Tebow "stands for" you don't know what you are talking about. The only thing that is worse for Tebow besides what the Jets did to him this year are the Tebowmanaics. No team who wants to be a contender or be taken seriously will not take him because of this ridiculous  circus. It's just like when Barry Bonds was a free agent in 2008 , no team wanted him because of  24 circus that followed him. Broncos fans please take the week to clear your minds. You'll see I am right.

 I am probably blowing this out of proportion because it's all over my hometowns papers and I saw a bunch of tweets so I could just be making a big deal out of nothing but this shouldn't have been a story.Peyton Manning is going to bring the Broncos back to the playoff next year and really it will be better for the Broncos because not only will they get a playmaker in the draft and they will get their #1 running back ... back . So clam the fuck down Denver it's not like you're  Dallas, Jacksonville, San Diego , Philadelphia , Arizona, New York, Chicago, and Oakland . Plus you got cheerleaders like this so life anit too bad.

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