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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I guess I have to care about football for one more sad week?

   Super Bowl is coming. It's in the Big easy and the most probably the most exciting part of the super bowl is trying to figure out  what a conversation between Joe " even my dad think's I am lame " Flacco  and Colin "the only criticism people have about me is that I am not really that white cough cough  I mean have tattoos" Kaepernick. 

    Yeah so that top ten thing didn't work out as well as I planned. Did you know how why MLB Network is better then me? They have these things called interns , multiple resources. And production costs. Sounds like heaven. So I am sorry to most of you who actually read this site for it's witty insight and my charming personality that pours out of my fingers and into your eye sockets.... I love words. Though the rando  comments I get from the " check my Website out" people is an ego boost . If I am being honest. No wonder why Manti  Te'o likes it.  Celebrate people that is the 1 millionth joke about that poor bastard. 

   How weird was that whole thing. I know I am a few weeks late to the Te'o party ( like tea party, but less about how asking for Obama's birth certificate to mask racism in public) but I guess I have to chime in, like everyone else in the world. Look I feel bad for the dude I seriously do. All he is guilty of is being suckered by some asshole who does a great impression of a girl. This is the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a top tier college athlete. He thought he found a love that had bad luck. First a car crash ,then found out she had cancer , and then   boom she dies as the same day as his very real grandmother. A whirlwind of emotion. Then you know the deal turns out his girlfriend is not only is she alive she has profited a dick and a whole bag of crazy. Turns out it was some jack ass back in Hawaii who Loves Manti .  Who know the whole Boy emails Boy, says he's a girl, Boy loves girl boy , girl boy tells boy she he has died of the worst possible thing a she he can die of and the boy shouldn't come to the funeral because he has a game.  You know that old story. The worst part about this whole Manti story is that even though he suffered the worst embarrassment of his life after losing the biggest game of his life so far the worst part of this story is that his draft status has dropped so much he will be taken by the Jets. And thats a punishment for unworthy of  a good person. 

   Well, that was a long winded way to slam the Jets and their semi brain dead fans. But since I am on the kick of football a few days before the Ray Lewis bowl... I mean the Super Bowl . I am not into this Super Bowl build up at all this year. It's not because My team isn't in the game which is a factor but the fact that the Harbaugh's have press conferences together, that football players are now the new social lighting rods, and Ray Lewis loves God and something about Deers. 

  I get it the Harbuie ( Har - Buy)  are bothers but do I care about who their parents want to see win? Not really I get sick and tired of Archie Manning getting better seats then me but I get over it because it's a second thing not a 2 week ass ache.  I am more disappointed by the way the players and reports have been acting.  Joe Flacco  said that a Super Bowl in New Jersey sounds retarded and people lost their shit because retarded is an offensive word. Yes, it is when it's used in a derogatory way towards a person with a handicap. Flacco  to play I guess you'd call it devils advocate wasn't talking about a person. He was talking about a game that he isn't going to be playing . But the reason it's retarded is because the big tough football players don't want to play in the cold. I guess when you get paid 10 million dollars to give each other brain damage you want to do it in a cozy environment. Now before you anyone goes off the handle and if anyone read this and did get offended go back into what I said and see if I used that term to describe a person...... No it was to describe a situation which is totally ok because for all your self righteousness you cannot go one day without seeing something you find stupid without saying it's retarded. It's not that you're intolerant it's just that it's a word and a word only has power if you give it the power. I can say words like Senior and puppies are offensive to old people and dogs but it doesn't mean anything. 

   Lets get into it I am shocked that in 2013 a  NFL player who has gone to college and has met thousands of people are scared of gay people. The Fact a player on the 49ers said  " He wouldn't want to shower with a gay teammate " or something to that extent at the most covered event in the world outside of the election is well honestly is  stupid because football players shouldn't be asked questions like that. I don't give two shits what any of them have to say outside of " I think we are going to win," " We are ready to play " and " there's a really good sandwich place down the block from the stadium ". These guys are supposed to focus on football and the atmosphere that is the super bowl not open say things that out of their element. Because people don't go to the gay pride parade and ask people " Would you be ok if you found out your partner was straight?". No one would do that because I don't think they have a media week,Though they'd probably kill it and it's not right to expose people for being stupid. What a terrible analogy I apologize if it offended anyone I just think that if a player wants to voice his opinion about a certain situation that can be easily taken out of context . I feel there are better avenues to go about it not a 30 second sound bite driven area that is filled with nuts jobs and assholes trying to make a name for themselves . Also let's face it the whole locker room situation in sports is super gay to start with. New Game , Is this line offensive : It's more shocking that a San Francisco 49er player is anti guy when he was getting fucked in the ass by the Seahawks 4 weeks ago.  

    Ray Lewis put stickers on his body and now A-Rod is a criminal. Did that make sense to you because it doesn't to me? The Ray Lewis blow job fest is about to come to an end this sunday but not without a sense of controversy that has rocked all the reports to basically take all the shit that was said about Ray and say " It's not true. That guy is just out for a buck!" but the shit that was said about A-Rod " Oh yeah that's so true. Let him take all the blame." Unbelievable if you are discrediting a guy for damning a 37 year old middle line backer who tore a tendon in his arm and recovered in under 10 weeks when most doctors said it would take a person 10 years younger a full year to recover or not because he is not the same guy who was involved with a double homicide 10 years ago. Yeah A-Rod took steroids he admitted to it but if you look at his body of work as he has gotten older he has shown no improvements just a decline in production like any player in their age 37 season.  We've come to a point where I am about to piss a lot more people off. This is just another way Yankees fans justify hating a guy who has produced better then their precious Derek Jeter every year he has been with the Yankees. Seriously in the time that A-rod has come to the Yankees how many World Series rings has Jeter ? They both won in 2009 and thats it . How many MVP's dose A-Rod's 9 year tenure as a Yankee compared to Derek Jeter's whole career ? 2 to none. But back to Ray Lewis. Fuck him seriously I saw somewhere that he has custom gold cleats made up with that quote from the bible something  91 on the toes and the soul of the cleats is filled with his stats. Dose anyone see how fucked that is ? God Believers you think that's cool ? Having one tiny nod to your boy but the soul of the shoe is covered in prideful stats? Thats right in your wheel house , come on don't make me look to be a dick here. 

   Whatever the NFL can go fuck it self right now. I know I said I hated the Saints for bounty gate but I find it so fucked up that a guy like Jonathan Vilma gets suspended for 6 games without any evidence and Ray Lewis is citied for PEDs and Rodger Goodell  hasn't thrown the hammer his way. Fucking double standard . Where is the rash decision to suspend Ray for the super bowl? How come he gets off without a warning from the big office when the Saints get hung in the gallows? Same amount of proof just that Vilma did say how high to the former Jets intern. Time for you to go fuck off for 6 months and let me get angry over baseball now.